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Yes, I'm Still Spamming You

Just a few random thoughts on this one…..

Anyone else think Lance Armstrong’s lawyer may be contacting FOX? Couldn’t they have at least made the guy a marathon runner?

Why is Wilson suddenly harping on House’s Vicodin use? This is three weeks in a row we’ve heard him reference House’s “addiction” yet this is the first time in three weeks we’ve seen House pop a pill. It’s almost as if he wants house to be an addict, to have a weakness. Fidelity seems to be Wilson’s weakness and perhaps this is his way of putting them on equal footing.

And I’m rather intrigued by the relationship that is developing between Wilson and Cameron. I’m hazarding to guess that Cameron’s confession of falling in love with her dying husband’s best friend was the first time she voiced that to another person. And while we know House is aware of Wilson’s wandering eye, has Wilson ever felt comfortable talking about it with him in a serious manner?

Once again there was no clear answer to the ethical dilemma presented here. It’s easy to condemn the cyclists doping, his cheating, but there is a level of hypocrisy involved in doing so. Who of us hasn’t cheated in some way or another? Who are we harming by doing so?

I liked seeing House thrown for a loop by a patient who actually told him the truth.

They really needed to hire a more compelling actor to play Mark. I’ll take Stacy’s at her word that she loves him, but right now I’m thinking she married him and stays with him because it’s an easier relationship than one with House would be.

While it was nice to see Tom Lenk again, the show needs to find a purpose for the clinic scenes or lose them. The comic relief angle just isn’t cutting it when there is so much humor peppered throughout the episode. It was the simplest of lines, but I was LMAO at “Cleanup on aisle three.”
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