Yay! I knew the signs were looking good, but after SG-1 and Atlantis renewals were announced, I've been rather anxious to hear the official word.
I know what you mean. I'd been hearing for weeks that, unofficially, it was a lock for renewal, but then last week I read that there was a hold up as contracts needed to be finalized amongst various parties. After the 'Farscape' situation in which the show was cancelled with a year still left on their contract, I think we have reason to worry just a little bit.
I think you need to provide us with dates for this BSG mini con you wish to organize. And, keep in mind, I need time to get my LEE/LAURA 4EVA! t-shirt. :)
I have a dog, and therefore no life. So you two work it out, and I will be here. :) (Though sdwolfpup may have a more demanding schedule.) Alison mentioned the end of January, though the weather would suck then. We could aim for the Season 3 premiere, which would be summer and therefore lovely weather, but that is seriously lacking in the instant gratification department. (Plus we could all be dead, victims of the violent 'shipper wars, by then.)

Seriously? I would be SO THRILLED if you guys came to visit. EEEEEEEE.
January might be tricky depending on my work situation. On the other hand, the start shooting Season 3 in January. Side trip to Vancouver for stalking purposes might be an incentive. :)

Isn't the Galactica Con in July? Or is it August?
Hee! SDW meant to post about our trip to Vancouver and never did, but if she had, believe me, you would not want to go anywhere near Vancouver with us. However, it's worth looking into, if you're willing to take the risk. :) But I thought they started shooting in February?

I don't know when the Galactica Con is... I didn't even know there was one.
Please, I hardly think you two could be more embarrassing than me. OK, maybe you could, but I'm willing to take the risk. ;)

I had read somewhere that Season 3 starts filming in January, but yesterday I saw a post that said that they were finishing filming this season the first week of December. And according to an interview with Jamie he has about a three month break between filming so that would put the next start date at either late February or early March. I know way too much about this, don't I?

Yes, there is a Galactica Con in Burbank and Jamie is (supposedly) a confirmed guest.
Oh, no, it's not that we were embarrassing... I suspect we are embarrassing most places we go, up to and including the Jeffrey Foucault show last week, and I'm totally OK with that. It's that we are cursed. We were interrogated by the bitchiest border guard ever, got lost, got a speeding ticket, almost ran out of gas, saw Serenity in the crappiest theater in Canada (not to mention that the film got messed up during the previews, and we spent ten minutes attempting to make shadow puppets in the dark while they fixed it), and--despite all the great restaurants in Vancouver--we ended up splitting a frozen Hungry Man meal in our motel room for dinner. And, of course, totally failed to meet anyone even remotely famous, despite various machinations (and not a few fantasies, though that may have just been me). Of course, by the end of it we were literally crying with laughter, but still. Travel with us at your own risk!
Seriously, you are starting to make me look like a slacker when it comes to the fandom. ;p
I didn't read anything......I HATE BEING SPOILED........but YAY! to January 6th.....counting the days. You and Alison made me this way, with the help of the show just being KICK BUTT!!!!!!!!
yay! thanks for the info. i'll never trust scifi about renewals--not since the farscape debacle. jerks.

did you hear that billie piper quit doctor who? no more rose tyler... they already finished filming season 2.
Hey stranger. ;) I was going to e-mail you last night to see what you'd been up to and, instead, fell asleep. :/

I did read about Billie over at the Sci-Fi site. It seems she doesn't want to be typecast. Can that even happen after doing only 26 eps or so of a show?
while i already knew this, i have to comment on the zap2it version of the article. mainly, the picture of lee/adama. i don't know why, maybe something in the set of the jaw and the cheekbones, but i think that's the first picture i've seen of the two of them where i can finally see a family resemblance.

::is a nut::

on with the squeee!
I do love that picture of Lee and Adama even if Jamie did have stupid hair then. ;) And I thought it was interesting in one of the commentaries for the show it was mentioned that Jamie was asked to dye his hair brown and EJO asked to wear blue contacts in order to strengthen a family resemblence. Thank the gods they didn't ask Jamie to cover up those eyes!