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BSG Season 2 Deleted Scenes

The plan for the day was to write up my thoughts on the next two eps in my BSG rewatch. But this morning I came to discover that Sci-Fi had posted a massive amount of deleted scenes from Season 2 while I slept. So, guess what I did at lunch? After downloading Quicktime to my work computer which I’m not suppose to do. Tonight I’ve spent far too much time doing a write up when a) you can watch and judge for yourself and b) they’ll be on the DVD’s next month and we’ll all be talking about them then. I think I need to add a c) to this – Asta needs to get a life. :p


There are four deleted scenes all featuring Tigh and Adama, how they met, and how their relationship developed. If you’ve read or heard about Tigh’s backstory from the show bible, this is that story played out on screen. Perhaps because I already knew this information (RM covers it in the podcast for TMU, TMD which I just listened to) it all plays very slow and overly talky. For those of you not familiar with Tigh’s backstory (I’ll talk more about it when I do my rewatch write-up) the relevant points are that during the first Cylon war Tigh was a Vipor pilot and war hero. Like Adama, he’s been reduced to working on a freighter. They meet for the first time as Adama comes to Tigh’s rescue in a bar fight. In an extended take of Adama sharing news with Tigh that he’s been reinstated as a captain in the colonial fleet, Tigh makes mention that he’ll be the “oldest captain in the fleet”. That struck me as interesting because wasn’t Lee one of the younger captains in the fleet? It made me wonder if another problem in the Lee/Adama relationship is that Lee perhaps was in the running to have a more successful career than his father and was about to walk away from it, something Adama would fail to understand.

Valley of Darkness

I had a problem playing the one Tigh/Adama clip that was cut and since I was largely bored with the previous ones, I gave up trying.

As they survivors struggle on Kobol, Six tells Baltar that no one in the fleet is going to live to see earth accept him. On Caprica, as Kara heads to her apartment, Helo makes a comment to Kara that he was under the impression she didn’t have a home per se, but was from all over living on military bases with her mom.

The most interesting scene in this batch was one RM talked about in the podcast. When Lee manages to get through to CIC to give Tigh a status update on the Cylons who have boarded the ship, Tigh asks if there are any marines present (two privates) and that Lee pass the phone to one of them. Lee informs Tigh that it’s his command and there is no time for a pissing contest. Tigh relieves Lee of command, telling him that he’s “been a disappointment your whole life. I need someone I can count on.” Off this you see the rather stunned expressions of those witnessing Tigh’s outburst in CIC. When Lee refuses to budge, Tigh relents and says “I’ll have to take a chance on you.”

While I understand Tigh is pissed at Lee for siding with the president against Adama and, well, pointing a gun at his head, there isn’t a shred of truth to his statements and he just comes of looking crazy-er to his officers and staff. All of them have been witness to Lee’s acts of heroism and I don’t think a single one would want to turn over their fate to a private rather than the trusted CAG.


Only one significant scene was cut apparently – we see Laura’s nightmare just before she wakes up screaming. She’s speaking with Billy and he voices the opinion that she’s been misreading the scriptures, has been making a lot of mistakes of late, and she should resign. She’s shocked by this revelation and just as she’s about to confront him, he grabs her through the bars and stabs her through the chest. I have to say, I could have lived without seeing the image of Psycho!Billy! even if it was just a bad dream.


In the ep we were allowed to speculate/conclude how Lee solicited Dee’s help in freeing Laura. In an extension of a scene we saw, Lee is very specific in asking for Dee’s help, what she’ll need to do, and how it will be hell on her if anyone finds out. Dee, in turn, speaks of how they are in hell already and in the midst of an open rebellion within the fleet. All of this is going on while Lee’s guards are right behind them. For logics sake, this needed to be cut.

The Farm

I think this ties with FotP for most cuts. First up we have Baltar openly (well, open in the sense of speaking to Six about it) showing his disdain and dislike of Adama. I dare say he comes off as evil. Now, I never thought Baltar was a fan of Adama, but, here, his feelings seem too clear and he loses some of the ambiguity I like in the character.

A moment mentioned in the podcast for this ep is Lee explaining why the refrigeration ship they found themselves in is the safest place in the fleet outside of Galactica – it holds the last steak in the universe! The bit here I really liked though is after Zarek explains why the Quorum is still contemplating what to do. Laura says that she can’t really fault their indecision since she’s basically asking them to jump to Kobol to meet some Lieutenant with an arrow. :p Given her tone, she sees the ridiculousness in what she’s pinning her hopes on.

Kara has a very disturbing nightmare while in the hospital/farm on Caprica. She envisions Helo and the presumed dead Anders in her room and is relieved to see them until Anders sinisterly says “I want you to have my baby” at which point both men firmly take hold of her wrists and hold her down. Cut to her tied to her bed screaming. It seems we have a lot of edited scenes with regards to violence against women – real or imagined. Ron, maybe this should tell you something?

There’s also another scene with Kara in which, while escaping, she sees two Six’s together. Yeah. I don’t see the point either.

Now, the best scene, in my humble, Lee/Laura obsessed opinion ;), is Lee confronting Laura about events on Colonial One and why he won’t do the taped message. “I made a choice back on Colonial One to support democracy and the office of the president. I knew I was betraying my oath and my father, but you didn’t back my play, you folded. You gave up without a fight…I will not be the one to knock him down…again.” He goes on to say it’s her fight and she needs to fight it. Laura is not happy with his tone or words and retorts that, in the future, he should more carefully think through the consequences before committing himself.

Why I like this scene is because they both have valid points. I don’t think Laura is consciously trying to let others fight her battles for her, but she, along with Adama, are the ones that created this mess and they need to fix it. If she is going to rally support and lead the people, she has to be at the forefront of the battle. While I don’t think Laura has a right to be angry with Lee’s rapprochement, for being truthful, her feelings seem to be a knee-jerk reaction. She’s taken off guard by a man she felt was completely loyal to her and it comes on the heals of Billy abandoning her. However, Lee made a choice and has to accept it and the consequences of it. And he’s not looking at the fact that many people, quite possibly including him, would have lost their lives once guns started being fired. Of course, if he’s looking at death as a welcome alternative to their present predicament that opens up a whole other can of worms.

As much as I enjoyed the scene dramatically, I also think it was good it was cut. This particular character beat felt like it needed to come earlier, in ‘Scattered’ most likely. Not that I can’t rationalize it coming up at this point in the season. I can see Lee still harboring personal resentment and anger and putting it aside to focus all his energy in the preservation of democracy and the office of the president. And when he’s pushed to betray his father once more, while he’s still dealing with a sense of betrayal by Laura, I can see his feelings rising to the surface and that temper of his flaring, if more restrained than usual because of who he is speaking to. But if the latter scenario is what the show was intending, then the subject needed to be addressed again rather than dropped which seems like what they have done.

Home (Part 1)

I miss Elosha.  And she has a really lovely scene in which she thanks Laura or restoring her faith. Elosha was on her way to quitting the priesthood before the Cylon attack. After, she prayed for death so she did not have to endure the suffering. But when she was asked to swear in Laura as president and saw her fear, that as frightened as she was she was going to move forward, she found her faith again in Laura’s hope.

Home (Part 2)

As Sharon talks to Helo about her memories the focus shifts to Zarek and Meier talking about the “crazy kids” before Meier mentions a cut he sustained at which point Zarek whips out a band aid. Meier jokes about Zarek being prepared for any event and Zarek claims to have had a “vision”, obviously mocking Laura.

There was a series of shots starting with Kara warning Helo he’s in for a rough ride with Sharon, followed by Tyrol, Adama, and Billy tracking the landing party, and finally (Shipper Alert!) Lee and Laura together in the make shift tent. He places a jacket around her shoulders (Awwwwww) and she asks him if he thinks they made a mistake. She blames herself for dividing the fleet and creating a chasm. Lee’s response which seems to reassure her - “I like to think following your heart is never a mistake.” (Again, insert Awwwwww :)

On the trek to the tomb, Billy confesses he’s an atheist, which Laura is OK with, and goes on to tell her he’s there now because he believes in her and Adama. The scene then cuts to Lee reiterating to a now conscious Adama that his choices were “never about you and me.” Adama, Surprise!, doesn’t want to talk about it and tells him that there only concern should be getting off the planet in one piece. Kara joins them asking if it’s the “self help group for dysfunctional families and insubordinate officers.” And she follows that up with a great line, “Not to the point we’re laughing about it yet?”

Final Cut

Four scenes, nothing much of interest meaning no additional towel footage. ;) There was a funny bit where D’Anna watches Tyrol stapling his uniform to fix a tear. Since thread is being rationed, they’re saving it for the underwear. ;)

Flight of the Phoenix

The last of the deleted footage. I would assume there was nothing posted for ‘Pegasus’ since they’ll be using it all on the extended DVD cut.

Kara’s pissed about something and in her anger accidentally knocks over a free standing memorial at the memorial wall. You can see she’s visibly upset by her carelessness and carefully reconstructs the display. While Tyrol and Lee are talking a Vipor accidentally powers up. Cally confronts Tyrol about ignoring her since the shooting and, in not the brightest move, tells him she’d do it again if she had the chance because Boomer was dragging him down. (Cally seems a wee bit possessive of the chief, doesn’t she?) The sparring scene between Lee and Dee is much longer, a little more flirty, but also showcases some very silly looking moves by them both.

Since these are extended scenes in some cases, it’s difficult to tell what was cut, but I didn’t recall hearing before a very interesting line Adama uses when meeting with Lee, Baltar, and Tigh about the Cylon virus. Adama mentions they are lucky to have a Cylon expert on board, then orders that Helo be told to talk to their prisoner. You see Baltar’s face fall. The one thing he had going for him, the one thing that brought him respect, was his supposed expertise when it came to Cylons and that was now being stripped away by Adama.

The final scene is Tyrol’s visit to Sharon. Tyrol tells her he isn’t sure why he’s there and Sharon answers for him – that he feels ashamed of still loving her. He says nothing, but simply hangs up and goes back to work.
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