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I had the feeling throughout this episode that it should have been better. Not that it was bad, there were a lot of elements I liked, I just wasn’t emotionally connected to anything or anybody. And while I’m usually fine with House’s acting like an ass, I’m still having issues with him copying Stacy’s file and using what he found to manipulate her emotionally. Though, how it took her so long to figure out what he had done is beyond me. No one can read anyone THAT well.

What I did like was House bonding with Steve McQueen. : ) His relationship with the rat paralleled the relationships he has with most humans – he doesn’t really give, well, a rat’s ass, until presented with a puzzle to be solved. As soon as he diagnosed Steve with an ailment, something tangible that House could control and have power over, he immediately went from wanting to beat his little head in with his cane to wanting to save his life. It’s the same with his patient and his patient’s father. While the initial diagnosis failed to interest him, the root of the family estrangement did.

I also liked that the show deviated, some what, from its standard formula. Even House points out to Cuddy that he saved two patients this week. ;) But what I really enjoyed was the opening. Have they ever started the show before focusing on the main characters and *their* problems as opposed to setting up the illness of the week?

And the show just gets gayer and gayer - referred to as a “closet case” by someone who is gay to Wilson’s quick “We’re not together.” Oh, but you are…all…the…time.

I was relieved to hear House express that he doesn’t want Stacy back, he just wants her to admit her feelings for him. Do I think he still loves her? Yes. But, I also think he knows they’d be a disaster if they were back together. Again, it’s all about winning for House and he doesn’t really seem to care how he achieves his goal.

Oh, yeah, I probably should mention Cameron and Chase. That really screamed plot contrivance to me. Cameron goes wild for fifteen minutes and regrets it almost immediately afterward. Maybe because I identify with Cameron in respect to her more reserved social life, her actions didn’t make sense to me. I can’t think of anything that would make me get high and screw the first good looking guy that crossed my path. And even if we do suspend our disbelief, we’re left with Chase taking advantage of the situation, knowing she’ll hate herself the next morning. Can we just pretend it never happened?
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I am not really a shipper for this show. If I were, I'd be House/Cuddy and that's it. Chase is pretty. Really pretty, but an asshole which as you know, I kind of like. I can believe he would take advantage of the situation, but like you, I can't believe Cameron would put herself in it. On the other hand, people do make mistakes. I mean, who hasn't slept with someone bad for them and lived to regret it? But yeah, plot contrivance. Ah well. They can't hit it out of the park every single time. Don't cry. ;-)

I don't have a House icon anymore, so I'll just use my new favorite. Hee!
I can belive Chase would be an asshole ;), he's done it before. And I liked Cameron's comment to the patient in regards to Chase - he got the pretty part right. But I just couldn't buy Cameron going off the deep end like that. Maybe had she taken Chase up on his offer of drinks, gotten drunk and did some making out, sure, but this just went too far given what we know of her character.

I'll see your arms and raise you a hip bone! ;-)
Aha, I wondered when that might happen. Chase has been giving Cameron the eye for a couple of weeks now. He's still a git for taking advantage of her. And unless House repents for his most recent actions I'm going to have trouble liking him from now on. You could be losing one of your converted fans...

However I am still shipping House and Cuddy...
I was spoiled for the Chase/Cameron brief encounter and had no problem with it, I just think the show botched the way it was handled.

And don't give up on House just yet. I think he may be getting a little payback in the future.
I have no ships. I just want Wilson and House to hang out together 24/7. Now with the addition of Steve McQueen.

Is Stacey's time up yet?
Two Men and a Rat. Sounds like a FOX show. ;)

I think we have a few more Stacy eps, but, on the brightside, I have not heard they've extended her contract.
I totally didn't understand the Cameron/Chase thing. I got the feeling that they had been seeing each other secretly for a while now...and this was just the first time they had sex. Did I completely miss something? Or am I making something up?

And even if I did make it all up... even as a one-night-stand, I didn't really think it was out of character. Come on - she might be dying, she has all kinds of regrets and wants and besides, a guy on his death bed is very convincing. A person that rigid and uptight, who thinks they might be dying has a free-pass...and lots of people would take it. But still, ew. I just don't like them together AT. ALL.

I don't like House right now. I, too, think he crossed the line. I don't know what they can do to make me enjoy his character again; it will be tough.

-- Marcee
There have been some very minor hints that something may happen between Chase and Cameron but they seemed less to me about an honest attraction then setting up this plot 'twist' that I was spoiled for early in the season.

I think the writers may have come upon a line they shouldn't have crossed with House, but didn't know it until they crossed it. I look at it this way, how would House feel if his privacy was violated? He deflects personal questions all the time, so how would he take someone going through his medical records to analyze and manipulate him? I think, in some way we're not seeing, this is going to all come back to bite him in the ass.
I'll be the immoral minority and say that I really really loved this episode. House is an ass, but realising that he's an ass is just the kicker. I don't think that Stacy/House should be together, so the fact that they won't be (or so it seems) is alright with me.

I *adored* the Cameron/Chase scene--because, to me, it didn't scream plot contrivance, but it did scream abandonment. Cameron took her patient's advice and "let loose" for a night. And, Chase just happened to be there. And, sure, he's cute. I think Crystal is right when she asks, who hasn't done things that they regret the next morning?
He always hurts himself before someone else can get to it, and this was just a more extreme version of that.

That's a very good point. Amongst the manipulation of Stacy's emotions, I saw some very genuine emotion on House's part. And as if he doesn't have enough self-loathing, I think he hates himself for doing what he did, but his compulsion to get the truth outweighs that.

I had less of a problem with Cameron jumping Chase than her downing drugs. I really think I would have bought the set up more had she gotten drunk at the bar with Chase and dragged him back home with her.

And Foreman is totally my reaction go-to guy these days. Ever since he grabbed his head when Chase kissed the cancer patient, he's been cracking me up. </i>

Oh, yeah. I loved his stunned expression to House's revelation about Cameron and Chase. I don't know if his reaction was because it happened or he didn't pick up on it himself.
I think Crystal is right when she asks, who hasn't done things that they regret the next morning?

Me! ::bats eyelashes::
me three! i think i liked this ep more than most. i found myself thinking about when i woke up the next morning, which is something i've never done before with house. i might have been dreaming it.

i really liked the cameron letting loose thing. i've been waiting for her to do it. i think it will lead to interesting things between her and chase in the future. isn;t this the first healthy guy she's had a thing for? even if it was drug-induced one-night sex. i really liked what he said later, that "it didn't suck." her face lit up a little bit when he said that.

also, probably the most moving moment for me was when stacy's face crumpled when house admitted to looking at her file. it's such a telling moment of . . . i dunno, loss. and crushing realization. when she said, "not anymore. get out." i believed her. it was gooood. house is a rat. a steve mcqueen cowboy asshole rat. love him.
I have to watch this again, as we had some distractions (the furnace was acting up, and we had the furnace man out). I wasn't surprised our unduly appalled at House's behavior because I've always felt him capable of doing something like that. Like you, I believe what goes around eventually comes around, so he'll get his comeuppance soon enough.

I wasn't surprised at Chase, but I was surprised at Cameron - she always seems in control no matter what happens.

I am counting the episodes for Stacy's departure so we can get back to our one true pairing :)
Yeah, I finally got caught up with this ep at my parents home.

I agree that the scene was very off character for Cameron and that really bothered me. I have struggled with many issues in my life, and a change like that (major drugs) is not something you say, well I'm gonna take someone's advice that is contrary to everything I've been living preaching for years, although I met someone two days ago. If anything its tends to be a gradual thing, that before you know it has crept up on you and engulfs you in it.

Boy was this the wrong one to "introduce" my parents to the series. They spent a lot of time asking about, "Doesn't he shave?" "Why is he mean?" "So how did he become crippled?" "Her husband is in a wheelchair?" "So she has a thing for handicapped men?" "What is she a black widow?"
As Cameron and Chase are greeting each other at the door, there was a debate with my parents as to if that was the same female Dr. from the hospital or some other lady who seemed rather easy.

They aren't sure they'll watch it again......
Your poor parents. You could tell them that most episodes aren't like this one...but that would be a lie. And they took issue with him not shaving? Wow. Tough crowd.
Well part of the thing with my parents (with my mom spear heading, and dad with followups) when being introduced to anything, they are question mainia. So between them I spent most of the ep trying to catch them up, and admittedly my explanation of House, Stacy, and her husband wasn't the most clear, prompting even more questions.

On the bright side it wasn't a movie and I watched it in early afternoon. Otherwise my Mom would have fallen asleep within 10 minutes then awake with 10 minutes to go and want to know every detail that occurred in-between. Plus they did sit all the way through the episode. I tried putting scrubs in and it was like parent repelant