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I had the feeling throughout this episode that it should have been better. Not that it was bad, there were a lot of elements I liked, I just wasn’t emotionally connected to anything or anybody. And while I’m usually fine with House’s acting like an ass, I’m still having issues with him copying Stacy’s file and using what he found to manipulate her emotionally. Though, how it took her so long to figure out what he had done is beyond me. No one can read anyone THAT well.

What I did like was House bonding with Steve McQueen. : ) His relationship with the rat paralleled the relationships he has with most humans – he doesn’t really give, well, a rat’s ass, until presented with a puzzle to be solved. As soon as he diagnosed Steve with an ailment, something tangible that House could control and have power over, he immediately went from wanting to beat his little head in with his cane to wanting to save his life. It’s the same with his patient and his patient’s father. While the initial diagnosis failed to interest him, the root of the family estrangement did.

I also liked that the show deviated, some what, from its standard formula. Even House points out to Cuddy that he saved two patients this week. ;) But what I really enjoyed was the opening. Have they ever started the show before focusing on the main characters and *their* problems as opposed to setting up the illness of the week?

And the show just gets gayer and gayer - referred to as a “closet case” by someone who is gay to Wilson’s quick “We’re not together.” Oh, but you are…all…the…time.

I was relieved to hear House express that he doesn’t want Stacy back, he just wants her to admit her feelings for him. Do I think he still loves her? Yes. But, I also think he knows they’d be a disaster if they were back together. Again, it’s all about winning for House and he doesn’t really seem to care how he achieves his goal.

Oh, yeah, I probably should mention Cameron and Chase. That really screamed plot contrivance to me. Cameron goes wild for fifteen minutes and regrets it almost immediately afterward. Maybe because I identify with Cameron in respect to her more reserved social life, her actions didn’t make sense to me. I can’t think of anything that would make me get high and screw the first good looking guy that crossed my path. And even if we do suspend our disbelief, we’re left with Chase taking advantage of the situation, knowing she’ll hate herself the next morning. Can we just pretend it never happened?
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