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It's A Turkey Day Miracle!

In the roughly two years I've been using Firefox, my e-mail has never been quite right. I could do all the basic stuff, but the little toolbar to do smilies, bold text, etc. never appeared. And the formatting on numerous e-mails would alays become wonky when I went to respond. Today, as I was swapping e-mails with some folks I noticed how nice and neat the e-mail looked. And, OMG, my toolbar is there! What the frack happened over night? Did Mozilla and Yahoo make for the holidays? Yes, it really is the little things that make me happy. :)

As for celebrating the slaughter of the indiginous people, it's been postponed here due to weather. It's just my mom and I getting together and I only live about fifteen minutes away, but the way the weather was when we spoke the thought of me driving made her nervous. Well, more nervous than she normally is. :p Ironically, ten minutes after I got off the phone with her, the sun came out and the snowing subsided substantially. There may be more to it than weather issues. My dad died the Saturday after Thanksgiving four years ago and that's playing on her mind a bit. Me? Not so much. But I don't dwell on things as she does. I'm more like my dad in that respect.

So, Plan B is to maybe go see (finally) 'Walk the Line' and then have dinner afterwards either tomorrow or Saturday. And it looks like I'll be giving her one of her Christmas gifts than too. Let me explain why. About a week ago I bought her a robe. She's always complaining about how cold she is, she's keeping the thermostat lower this year because of gas prices, and she doesn't have one. I bought, for myself, the exact same robe about a month ago. It's very plush terry cloth, long, comfy and keeps me very warm. After 'testing' it out, I picked up one for her, one size larger and in a different color. I didn't want to be twins. ;) This morning as we were talking on the phone she was telling me how cold she was and how she was thinking of ordering a shawl type wrap she saw in a catalogue. The little alarm in my head went off. Quickly, I try to find a way to dissuade her from ordering. I ask what material it is and she says fleece. Bingo. I point out the static electricity problems that come with fleece. Well, she saw another one in another catalogue that was a poly blend. O...K....I start pushing natural, breathable fibers. I point out I have a fleece robe and how it gets too warm sometimes and the shock problem. She then picks up on the word "robe" and tells me *that's* what she needs and what do I think about terry cloth and where in town she could find a nice one? Envision me slapping my forehead if you can. I know she won't be buying anything before I see her, so I'm just going to give up and give it to her. Considering how cold it is, it is rather silly to keep it in the bag for four more weeks and I get the added joy of her beating herself up for ruining the surprise. :)

Now I shall spend the rest of my day cleaning in preperation for her eventual arrival. Probably bake that chicken I have in the fridge before it goes bad. And I got one of my orders from Deep Discount DVD that I believe includes 'Lady Audley's Secret' which means it's me and Jamie tonight. :) I also have BSG watching and write ups to do.

Hope those of you getting together with loved and not-so-loved ones are having a nice day. If not, put down the carving knife and walk away. ;-)
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My dad died the Saturday after Thanksgiving four years ago

I didn't know that. My grandmother died on Thanksgiving day twelve (thirteen?) years ago, and it did make every Thanksgiving spent with relatives after that kind of sad, which I think is one of the reasons my parents and I haven't spent Thanksgiving with them in a couple of years.

Snow! It's sixty-something degrees down here today, though it was much cooler earlier this week. Giving your mom the robe today is probably a good idea, both for her sake and so that you don't spend the next four weeks trying to talk her out of buying something that will keep her warm.;)

'Lady Audley's Secret'

::cough:: Sounds kinky.
I know how it is when you already have a gift for someone and they are about to get a similar item. But it seems you've tackled it with great sense of misdirection and flexible adaptation. I think giving that gift to your Mom early is a great idea. Sometimes early gifts can be the best surprises of all.

Let me know how Walk the Line is. Here at my parent's house today it was a wonderful afternoon of watching the Lions trip over themselves, and my parents sitting down to watch "Finding Nemo" on ABC, when they have the same movie on DVD with a kick-butt HD TV and sound system, Gee I gotta drag them down to the other TV and as I get it started "remind" them how neat it is to use the stuff you have.

When did we become the parents of our parents?

Have a great weekend, and wish your Mom all the best! (Oh and the same for you)
Chicago is friggin' freezing, but in today's paper I read Michigan might be in for 19 inches of snow. Oh darlin', I hope it isn't so. That's too brutal far too early.

Hope you managed a nice holiday. Stay warm.