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What I Did Instead of Partaking in Retail Hell

The weather was better than yesterday, good enough that my mother was willing to leave the house and attempt driving. We were going to the earliest showing of Walk the Line which was at 12:45. Since she showed up at roughly 11, I decided to giver her her Christmas gift (AKA the infamous robe) prior to leaving. As predicted, she was thrilled with her gift and laughed at the circumstances surrounding it's early presentation. I told her she should have seen me on the other end of the phone while we were talking yesterday and she wished there had been a camera present. I tried to recreate the shaking of the head and forehead slapping as best as possible. Of course, this was all followed up with her annual "You didn't spend too much money did you?" I bought it at Kohl's, home of the perennial sale, how expensive could it be?

As for 'Walk the Line', I would highly recommend you see it and in a theater. There's just something about the pounding base line and rhythmic clapping in Dolby Digital. Joaquin Phoenix and (I'm a little surprised to be saying this) Reese Witherspoon both gave excellent, Oscar worthy performances. They don't look like Johnny and June Carter Cash nor do they sound exactly like them, but they both inhabited their roles exceedingly well. There was a real sense that they came to understand the two and their emotions rather than simply mimicking their mannerisms. I forgot I was watching the actors and, instead, saw the individuals they were portraying. Plus, they both impressed me by doing their own singing. Don't throw things at me, but I think Reese may have a slightly better voice than June. And unlike it's musical biopic predecessor, Ray, I felt this movie had a far stronger story because it chose to show Johnny's highs and lows by focusing on one aspect of his life - his love for his "best friend" and how that ultimately saved him. It had a lot of heart and I found myself smiling on more than one occasion, whereas 'Ray' left me rather cold.

OK, am I the only one who didn't know June Carter wrote 'Ring of Fire'?

After the film, we returned to my apartment and wound up watching the Pride & Prejudice marathon on the Biography Channel. I'm not exactly sure what the logic was in showing clips of the the new movie and interviews with the cast during every commercial break. Kiera Knightley looks like she should be begging for porridge in an orphanage rather than worrying about marriage. Anyway, I've seen the A&E version of P&P so many times now, I resorted to running commentary throughout. When Lizzie has the opportunity to visit Mr Darcy's estate and tour the grounds, yes, yes, it's beautiful, but really what she's thinking is "OMG this all could have been MINE!!!" And "Poor Lydia" translates to "that ignorant slut has ruined us all!" I was also contemplating how Jamie may have faired in the role of Mr Bingley (I would *never* replace Colin as Mr Darcy) and how obsessed that makes me? Don't answer that.

Speaking of Jamie, I did watch 'Lady Audley's Secret' last night, though for awhile there it didn't look like it was going to happen. Of all the DVDs I've ever bought, only one has been defective. So, what do you think the chances are of getting a second defective disk for the one movie you *really* wanted to watch? Pretty damn high. After five minutes of the movie pixalating, freezing, and stopping and starting, I finally took the disk out of the machine to look at it. Seriously, it looks like someone took steel wool to the back. I cleaned the disk as best I could and popped it back in thinking maybe I could at least see part of it before returning it for a replacement. My luck seemed to turn and I did manage to get it to play with only a few hiccups and none of them during Jamie's scenes. Of course, there weren't a lot of Jamie scenes. It seems that between 'Hornblower' and 'Galactica' he had to endure a lot of small and/or crappy parts. And even though this was a BBC/PBS production, it doesn't rate much higher than 'Ghost Rig' in the Bamber oeuvre. The story jumped erratically from plot point to plot point, the 'twists' I saw coming, and the lead actress, in my opinion, sucked. And I have to share the moment that had me burst out into laughter. Jamie, er, George, is standing in front of a window and just as he turns around to make a startling (supposedly) revelation there is a bolt of lightning and thunder right behind him. I kid you not.

He LIVES! LIVES!!! Twenty minutes into the movie he fell down a well. Then we see him disappear under the water. At this point I'm going "Crap, here we go again." :( But in the last ten minutes, he's back! And with a girl named Mary may I add. ;) So the suckatude of the movie was slightly diminished by his return to life. Which also makes me worry a little bit less about the fate of Apollo. Given the trend in his previous roles I was thinking I had reason to be fearful.

And Happy Birthday! petzipellepingo. The day after Thanksgiving? I'm glad you don't work in retail. ;-)
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