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Flesh and Bone/Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Two more recaps (finally!). As usual, there is mention of events throughout season one. And there is some very vague spoilage for Season 2.

Flesh and Bone

There are two things I find interesting about Laura’s dream. First, she is dreaming of Leoben, a Cylon/man she has never met before. Secondly, Leoben warns her of Cylons approaching, yet it’s colonial troops that run past her. Is it a non-specific warning the Cylons are in the fleet? But, why warn her? Is it a sign of what is to come? Troops will be storming Colonial One in the not-too-distant future. Or was Leoben telling her she’s a Cylon and she’s in danger?

Once again, we see Baltar lying to protect his own ass by altering Sharon’s Cylon test. So not only is he indirectly responsible for the near annihilation of the human race, but in not turning Sharon in when he had a chance, he played a substantial role in the catastrophic events of the first half of season 2. With allies like him…

The more I watch this episode, the more I come to the conclusion that Leoben was playing Kara. She was stunned when he referred to her as Starbuck, but how many viper pilots are walking around on a cane because of busted up knee? Adama even makes the point later how news travels around the fleet and he could have easily overheard her name mentioned.

The personal information Leoben has on Kara is more problematic, but not something beyond the reach of the Cylons who excel at having a little bit of information, drawing conclusions from it, and utilizing it to manipulate their foes. If they had access to her medical records back on Caprica I don’t think it would take a genius to figure out that someone who suffered the amount of injuries she did as a child was abused. Since she was raised by her mother, it is not a strain to deduce who the culprit was - “a woman who believed suffering was good for the soul”. Leoben goes on to analyze Kara’s psyche. Given the behavior she exhibits and her fracked up emotions, making statements such as, “You want to believe you’re the problem and not the world you live in” has a high probability of being accurate.

If Leoben is just a machine, then how is attempting to drown him suppose to accomplish anything? You can’t kill a machine. You can’t instill fear in a machine. But by torturing him, Kara, Adama, etc are conceding he has feelings and can suffer - something you can attribute to a human or animal, not a machine however.

The Six model on Caprica has taken to calling the Sharon model by her first name. She’s giving credence to Sharon’s increasing individuality. When the show began I viewed Cylons similar to the Borg in that they appeared to work as a collective. The downloading abilities, transferring knowledge and memories, strengthened that belief for me. However, we get the Six in Baltar’s head who appears to have her own agenda. Caprica Sharon has been programmed too well – in a split second decision, she turns her back on her race to run off with the man she loves. And in just a few episodes we’ll see Galactica Sharon attempt to kill herself rather than give in to the pull of her programming.

Laura’s second dream/vision involving Leoben and his statement, “I have something to tell you”, forces her to go to the ship to confront him herself. Before being blown out the airlock he drops a bombshell, “Adama is a Cylon”. While leading up nicely to the suspicion and paranoia in the next episode, I don’t think the show would reveal such a huge plot twist so early in the shows run. What interests me more is far less dramatic exchange…

Laura: “Do you know who I am?”
Leoben: “Yes”

Now, the assumption is she’s asking him if he knows she’s the president. And while I believe that was her intent with the question, what if his “yes” is because he recognizes her from the Cylon meetings? Of course, the one thing that severely screws up any argument for Laura being a Cylon is the cancer. Unless Cylons are susceptible to human disease and that could be a powerful weapon if discovered by the humans.

The shot at the end of Kara putting her hand to the glass, to Leoben’s hand, is incredibly powerful. That gesture sets her apart from everyone else on the show, imo. Even though he’s the enemy, even though she knows he’s a continued threat if he’s allowed to live, she shows a respect for his beliefs and most importantly to him, his soul. She even goes so far as to pray for him to find peace in whatever the Cylon afterlife may be. Considering the cruelty and ugliness Kara has experienced in her life, it says a great deal about her character. She tries to rise above her past and care for those around her in a way she never experienced herself.


Slim pickings here….when Leoben was searched he had the same device found on him as they found in CIC in the mini. There is a continuation of Sharon/Baltar scene in the lab. Baltar uses the term “God” and Six points out he’s referring to god, singular, and how moments like that remind her of how much she loves him.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Oh how I love this episode. It doesn’t really contribute much to the overall story arc, besides Laura buying into Leoben’s warning and pushing for Adama to be the first to undergo Baltar’s Cylon test, but it has a lot of terrific character moments and the introduction of Lady Macbeth. ;)

I think we get the first hint of Billy not being Mr Sweet and Innocent when he uses Dee to spy on Adama. And I’m not sure if this is something Laura encouraged or he decided to do on his own.

We have Kara walking in on Baltar’s “exercises”. Does anyone else think this might be a ‘Buffy’ shout out? It’s not mentioned in the podcast (which, btw, from here on out they are recycling the podcasts as opposed to contributing new commentary), but I have to think it was in the back of someone’s mind.

I like the fake out on board the raptor. When the door opens all we see is legs and the bottom of a red (or pink depending on your TV) dress which would lead one to assume it’s Six rather than another manipulative blonde from Hell. :p

Favorite Lee/Laura Moment: At the dinner party, Laura looks over at Lee, seeking out a sympathetic face in the midst of the craziness, and he returns her look with a nervous ‘I so wish we weren’t here’ smile. : )

Favorite Laura Moment: Laura handing Ellen the liquor bottle as she leaves without even looking in her direction.

Favorite Bonding Moment: Lee, Adama, and Laura cleaning up the table together. Think about it. The President of the Colonies and Commander of the Fleet are picking up dirty dishes!

Favorite Bamber Moment: As the truth comes out about Laura stopping and starting the Cylon tests and arguing with Adama on why she thought he might be a Cylon, watch Jamie’s head whip back and forth . He’s so cute!

As further evidence of the Cylon unity eroding, we get to witness Caprica Six tearing up, expressing sadness (more human emotions at play), over not experiencing the love/passion like Helo and Sharon share even though she claims to see it as a weakness. But hasn’t Galactica Six experienced passion, both physical and emotional, with Baltar? It would seem that the Six models are disconnected, leading individual lives.

Lee and Laura are paired off at the end talking just to each other. I had to mention that. ;-)


Originally this episode was to be a riff on ‘Crimson Tide’ with Adama and Tigh each thinking the other is a Cylon. By the end of ep, the two are pointing guns at each other. It would seem they chose to use that shot, only with Tigh and Lee, in KLG, Pt2. The reason we got what we did instead was because they had just come out of a dark ep and decided to do something lighter, trying their hand at comedy.

RM runs down Tigh’s backstory a bit here which is what we would have seen in ‘Scattered’ (check out the deleted scenes on the Sci-Fi website) had that episode not gone through some substantial changes. Tigh had served aboard a ship during the first Cylon war that was boarded by Cylons which led him to see a lot of ugly hand to hand combat (this would explain his actions and how he knew what to do, in VoD). After serving aboard several ships as chief and those ships being lost, he was selected for officer’s candidate school and became a viper pilot. At the conclusion of hostilities, he was discharged and with no job and no career was only able to find work as deckhand on freighter. It’s there he began to drink and met Adama. Adama was the less experienced officer of the two.

Very little of the interaction at the end of the dinner party was scripted. Most of what we saw (ass grab included) was improvised by the actors.

The Helo/Sharon storyline was developed as episodes were being written. RM didn’t come up with Caprica Sharon appearing until he was finishing up the ‘33’ script.

There was talk of cutting out entirely the Cylon fighter subplot. EJO (who directed) actually did take it out in the rough cut he presented to RM for review . But it was determined it was important to keep in because it showed that when the chips are down, you can count on Tigh to come through as we see when he tells Lee to launch the alert fighters. Yes, he’s a very flawed character, but there are reasons Adama keeps him around and he is important.


There was a scene in which Dee is asking Gaeta why her sex life is so interesting? Um, I don’t know either.

There’s a very extended take of Kara taking the Cylon test. Baltar is making bad jokes, Six is telling him that if “You manage to get in her pants, I’ll join you”, and they show the entire blood draw. The whole thing moves very slow and would have severely dragged down the pacing of the episode.

Instead of Kara deducing that the Cylon ship is toying with them, we see Tyrol pointing out that the ship is transmitting a high speed data burst and Tigh commenting that the ship has been studying them.
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  • Off Conning

    I've been meaning to post for days, but between work and D*C planning and failing miserably at trying to complete a project, it just never happened.…

  • It Must Be the Weekend: TV Roundup

    Yes, I now have True Blood icons. Don't get too excited. My enthusiasm may not extend beyond this season. But before we get to True Blood, White…

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