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Thank God for Long Weekends

...makes me feel less guilty about wasting time. Though, does shopping really constitute a waste of time?

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Scarlett who as a twenty year old has already begun to complain about those damn teenagers. :P

I see the meme of the day is fav book/movie/TV ships. I don't usually participate in these things, but I figured it would be fun to list my favs - take a walk down memory lane.

Mulder and Scully - Like writteninstars, I had no clue what a shipper was or that I was one. Actually, for the longest time I thought The X-Files had a huge boating enthusiast following. :p

Dave and Maddie and Joel and Maggie - OK, apparently having the leads 'do it' CAN ruin a show. I loved Moonlighting and Northern Exposure until - in one case literally - the characters took a role in the hay. Throw in a horrible pregnancy storyline on Moonlighting and say goodbye classic, hello crap. :(

Mason and Julia - Lane Davies and Nancy Grahn created one of the best couplings to ever grace the soap world. They were smart, sexy, funny, snarky and could actually act! I was thriiled to see them paired up again on General Hospital until the current crapfest on the show took over. I can only assume Lane is off doing Shakespeare as he did during his summers on Santa Barbara. Lucky for him, unfortunate for us.

Beatrice and Benedict - My fav Shakespeare coupling who actually lived happily ever after!

Buffy and Spike - Nuff' said.

Sydney and Vaughn - Alias is my heir apparent to my Buffy obsession, largely because of these two. Of course, like Joss, JJ has to bring on the angst...bring them together then rip them apart.

John and Aeryn - I swear, I think their relationship on Farscape had my stomach in more nots then Spike and Buffy ever did. If it wasn't some outside force keeping them apart, their own fears and insecurities succeeded quite nicely. In the end, well, I'm forgetting the very end, the last two minutes never happened, they lived happily ever after. :p

Nick and Nora Charles...and their little dog too ;) - Take away the excessive drinking and I wouldn't mind a man like Nick Charles - smart, funny, good hearted, and adores his wife. They showed me that a married couple could be in love and happy without becoming boring or taking life too seriously. :)

ETA: I found a bookstore that carries SFX magazine! It looks like they just got the June issue in, the July one is the Buffy extraveganza. At least I know where to look now. I can't afford any more magazine subscriptions.

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