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More BSG Season 1 Ramblings

I see LJ is back to not e-mailing me replies. Somebody’s getting coal in their stocking this year. I viewed two more Season 1 eps of BSG this weekend. Spolier Warning - as before - vague references to stuff in Season 2.

Hand of God

The fleet is encountering a fuel shortage and reserves are down to 5%. Gee, I guess Laura had a point about wasting all that fuel looking for Kara.

In ‘Flesh and Bone’ Laura began to have prescient dreams. Now she’s experiencing waking visions during her press conference. When she seeks out Elosha for consultation and guidance regarding what she saw (serpents numbering two and ten – why couldn’t they just say twelve?), I love Elosha’s response of “You’re kidding me, right?” Gotta love a straight talking priest.

Hey, continuity! We hear Adama say, “Sometimes you have to role the hard six.”

Poor Lee, nobody seems to think he can handle the job he’s been given. And considering everyone keeps reminding him he’s the second choice, I can’t really blame him for having some self doubts. I’d be angrier at Kara’s pissy attitude and her “Don’t frack it up by over thinking.” if I didn’t understand that statement was a result of her own insecurity and lack of control. Lee or just about any other pilot may fear dying in battle; Kara fears watching, or in this case, hearing others die. For someone who doesn’t want children, Kara is very much a mother figure. I think she may be less concerned with Lee’s ability as a pilot than that he won’t look out for the ‘kids’ like she would.

The Lee/Adama conversation punctuates that while their relationship may be getting better, there still exists a disconnect between them. For Adama, giving Lee the lighter for good luck, believing he would return it to him, was a sign of support and faith that he’d succeed in his mission. But Lee sees it as a lack of confidence in him. He needs luck because he doesn’t have the talent alone. When Lee states, “Sometimes it feels like the whole ship thinks Starbuck would do better” and Adama replies, “I don’t…because you’re my son” it does affect Lee on an emotional level, his dad is telling him he loves him in his own way. But this is the second time Adama has used the ‘because you’re my son’ sentiment as a cure all for Lee’s doubts. It’s nice, but it would be nicer to talk specifics and what it is about the man that Lee is that gives him faith in him. Of course, if Adama really understood Lee and what he needs/wants, Lee’s actions in KLG wouldn’t have been such a surprise.

And once again we see Adama interact better with Kara. As Kara struggles with her loss of control, making it all about Lee, Adama states Lee isn’t the problem. She needs to take a look at herself. This sets up one of my favorite exchanges on the show…

Kara: “I never wanted this kind of responsibility”
Adama: “The Cylons never asked us what we wanted.”

I really love how Helo can’t deduce that unprotected sex + Sharon throwing up in the morning = baby on board. Yet in the very next episode, he figures out how the Cylons toppled their civilization. :p

That’s no moon, that’s a Trillium refinery! I’m just thankful that RM admits in the podcast that the entire action sequence is ripped off a homage to ‘Star Wars’.

More continuity! We see Lee’s habit of psyching himself by repeating phrases to himself. In this case, “Don’t do this Lee” and “Keep it together”.


One deleted scene involving Laura and Billy. She admits she’s now seeing things and Billy attributes it to the chamalla. Yeah, not exciting stuff.


Since these are the podcasts I’ve heard before, if awhile ago, only a few things caught my attention...

I did not know that putting preview clips in the opening titles was an homage to ‘Space 1999’.

For a change, RM actually talks about Lee! How throughout his life many people have underestimate Lee Adama, not realizing how tenacious he is, and how he won’t give up. Lee is coming to realize what the people around him think of him and that his father and best friend don’t think he’s up to snuff, might not return from the mission, and that’s a weight he carries with him. Kind of makes me wonder if his actions in ‘KLG, Pt 2’ are a little bit of a result of showing people just exactly what he is capable of doing?

They had Lee fly through the shaft because they wanted Lee to do something crazy like Kara would do. Apollo doing a Starbuck moves to prove to himself and to everyone else that he can do these things as well as her.

Colonial Day

I don’t know if this was a jab at the accuracy of the press or sloppy writing, but during the ‘Colonial Gang’ show one of the reporters accuses Laura of hand picking delegates, old cronies of hers, for the Quorum. Yet soon after, we hear that the Sagittarians chose Zarek as their delegate and Baltar was elected to his position.

There is a hint of what is to come between Adama and Laura. Adama wants to prohibit Zarek from traveling to Cloud 9. He strongly believes they cannot have a convicted terrorist on the Quorum. But Laura tells Adama that they need to let this play out. She shuts him down quickly and essentially hangs up the phone on him. You can tell he’s not happy.

I had a Duh! moment watching this episode again. There are many reasons known to all why having Zarek so close to the presidency is a bad idea. But Laura is one of only a few who know she may not survive her term, if Zarek was VP she could be handing him the presidency before the next election in six months.

I’m still torn over Zarek’s logic in regards to being “Held hostage by the idea of the way things use to be.” The people may be getting no tangible benefits for their labor and perhaps are holding onto a fantasy, but given that their families are gone and their entire way of life has been wiped out, I think people need some sort of familiarity to hold on to, to keep them sane. And right now all they have in some cases is their jobs.

Not that I don’t appreciate seeing Lee’s temper flare up and him throwing punches, but I’m not sure the scene in the bar makes a whole lot of sense. Why is he so sensitive when it comes to Zarek? Does he represent another disappointment in his life? Could he just be looking for a release and starting a bar fight seemed as good an opportunity as any? Or maybe the writers needed a way for the gun to be revealed and Valance taken into custody? ;p

Speaking of Valance, will they ever pick up that storyline again? Zarek claims he didn’t kill him and I actually believe him. Did Ellen do it? It’s a safe bet that Tigh shared with her his location. Or is their another party, a Cylon perhaps, involved?

Here’s where we get Helo speculating remarkably accurately on the Cylon plan for human domination and how they got the upper hand. And Sharon jumps in to lay her own personal groundwork by stating that if Cylons are capable of everything he claims, they must be capable of complex emotion too - perhaps some were even misguided in their indoctrination. Or just a result of shoddy programming. ;)

I love Laura telling Lee she won’t order that Sagittarian delegation back to their ships because she won’t take away their civil rights, but she orders Zarek followed and his phone tapped. : )

First we have Laura coldly order Leoben blown out an airlock, now we see her stab her colleague and, I’m guessing, former friend in the back. I think Laura wants to be the ‘nice guy’ and she wants to stick to her ideals, but she’s also a pragmatist. She has to deal with the problem she’s faced with at the moment. She cannot have Zarek become the VP and she needs to go with the candidate who offers her the best opportunity to defeat him.

It’s Towel Scene the First! Interestingly, it turns out this was shot several weeks after they wrapped the ep. It was added because RM felt they needed to touch once again on the danger of the assassination. But why it turned out to be an important addition was Kara’s “I clean up good sometimes” line. With the first cut of the episode, Lee’s reaction to seeing her in a dress came out of nowhere.


It’s not even worth mentioning.


RM really likes to ‘borrow’ from other shows and movies. This was the ‘West Wing’ ep to show things from Laura Roslin’s world.

They were originally going to show a pool on Cloud 9 allowing Kara to strip off her clothes and go skinny dipping. Lee is at first scandalized than jumps in after her. Instead we got squirting each other with a hose. :/

Lee throwing the briefcase during the interrogation of Valance was Jamie’s idea. Lee bottles up a lot of stuff and doesn’t seem like a violent person, but he/they wanted to show this aspect of his personality could show itself at any time.

Laura is envisioned as a very solitary person in her life before the attacks. She led a shadow life and *her* life didn’t actually begin until the day the world ended.

The celebration at the end…the Lee/Kara interaction was to show a possible budding interest between them. Same goes for Adama/Roslin. RM stated (and I so don’t agree ;) that you can’t imagine Adama and Roslin being with anybody else in the fleet, but that’s as close as he wanted to get.

And if anyone is interested Sci-Fi is supposedly running previews for new eps of BSG and the ‘Stargates’ during the ’Stargate’ marathon tonight. No, I am not willing to sit through four hours of SG-1 for a brief glimpse of ‘Galactica'...but I’m not above setting the VCR to record it all to skim through later. ;)
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