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Look! A post without me using the 'B' word. :)

So, I watched I watched four hours of SG-1 in about fifteen minutes last night. Strangely, I felt as if I was still able to follow the storylines. I only stopped the fast forwarding long enough to dwell on the sight of Keith Mars in fatigues carrying a machine gun and Corin Nemic in a really bad wig. I hope that was a wig. Anyway, Sci-FI lied. Yes, not really very surprising considering the Farscape debacle. Hey guys, good news! We're renewing you for two seasons! Yeah, right. I ended up seeing about a hundred promos for The Triangle and not a one for any of the Friday shows.

I was perusing earlier and noticed that on the Fantastic Four DVD there is a sneak peak for X-Men 3. I may have to rent a copy just for that.

And for sdwolfpup a little something to feed her spankin' new Carnivale obsession that I saw on one of the Buffy mailings I'm still on...

HBO’s terrible decision to end Carnivale earlier this year may not mean the end of the series. One insider tells me that HBO has inquired about making a two-hour movie to wrap up the loose plot ends. There is also discussion of relaunching the series in comic-book form, starting from the first season and bringing it past where the last episode left us.

The powers-that-be behind the series have nixed the idea of the two-hour movie because they say it would not be enough time to do the story justice. Apparently Carnivale’s storyline went through 1945, and when the show ended it wasn’t out of the 1930s yet.

The comic book suggestion, however, might just happen.

And since my idiot boss decided to change our AMEX account without consulting me, our account is currently screwed up. Which means I'm not able to pay the statements I have be the end of the month tomorrow. Which means I'm looking at end-of-month heck instead of end-of-month hell. Looks like I'll be able to swing by for dinner tomorrow divahag. :)

Oh! And..... New 'House' Tonight!!!
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