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Sleepy House Thoughts

There's layer upon layer to dissect with tonight's House. Unfortunately, I had a day filled with highs and lows that's left me mentally depleted. Plus, I just popped a Benadryl because of lovely red blotches currently covering my face. Enough with the whining! I loved tonight's episode and need to share some relatively short thoughts on what I liked best.

My favorite lines....

Chase loves me and he isn't Turkish.

He's got a cold and soon! health insurance.

Everyone else's favorite line...

I'm girlfriend...always with Wilson.

OK, I liked it too, but I think I liked it better when we were all playing spot the subtext. ;)

This is the first episode where I really liked Stacey and I think it was due in large part to her serving a very important purpose. She's a lawyer and from what we saw a sharp one. Much like House, she has the ability to cut through the BS and get to the truth. Granted, she didn't figure out what really happened with Chase, but House was the only one who knew about Chase's father's diagnosis.

I was a bit surprised, though I probably shouldn't be, with Foreman's bluntness regarding Chase. I never saw them as best buds. However, Foreman doesn't seem to like him much at all. He might respect him as a doctor (he attacked the way he treats patients, not his diagnostic skills), but not as a person. Or is that he doesn't like him because he aspires to be House, someone he *really* can't stand?

No question House was wrong in looking at Stacy's file. Yet, House had a point, one that Stacy did not want to concede, in that her anger isn't coming from what he did, but that she liked where things were going until she found out the truth. House's apology for the consequences of his actions struck me as genuine. House may not care about most people, but if you are someone he cares about, I really don't think he desires to hurt you.

Did Chase screw up? Yes. However, it's not that simple in this case. There are bad doctors who kill patients because they are incompetent and don't give a damn. There are also good doctors who make mistakes even with the best intentions. It's scary to think about because we place are health and life in their hands, but if we make mistakes at our jobs how can we believe they don't? And while Chase's momentary lapse of concentration contributed to the patients death, it wasn't his responsibility alone. Her brother could have told them about the hepatitis. The patient could have, should have, volunteered more information. She's popping Ibuprofin like tic tacs, has blood in her stool, and severe stomach pain. Hello? I'd be walking into my doctor's office and saying "I think I might have an ulcer." Chase should feel bad for failing to ask a question. It will hopefully prevent him from making the same mistake again and make him a better doctor. But patients have responsibilities too.

I had heard some weeks ago that House was going to get a supervisor. I didn't know it would be Foreman, yet I knew it would be Foreman. ;) Really, out of all the possibilities he was the only logical choice. He's not the friend, the hope to be lover, or the wannabe. And he's a damn good doctor. Plus, think of the fun we're going to have watching him and House go head to head! :)
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