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Knitters of the World Unite!

Well, that leaves me out. But the rest of you can have fun without me. It is possible, trust me. :)

My lovely and talented (hate her!) friend, divahag has finally started to post to her LJ and opted to bestow upon us her knitting expertise. I think she should also bestow upon us her fabulous opinions on BSG, 'House', 'Farscape', all things Joss, etc., but baby steps for now. ;) Anywho, if you are into things involving yarn and pointy objects, check out her journal. She does some really great work, imho.

In knews about ME, I'm much less blotchy today. Work was extremely busy, yet I didn't feel like crawling under my desk and crying, so I consider it a good day. And I had a marvelous dinner and chat with the above mentioned Divahag. See how boring my LJ would be without BSG to gush about? ;)

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