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Why is no one on my friends list talking about this show??? OK, it's not perfect. The build ups are often painfully slow, but in every episode there is a moment that makes me stop what I'm doing and go "What?!". Tonight is was "OMGWTF?!" He cut off his arm! I was wondering how the hell they were going to explain the arm growing back to everybody. Sure, a few folks would believe it's a miracle, but the rest would think its a hoax and, yes, make his life miserable. (On a sidenote, the priest truly believed it to be a miracle. Just as he believed coming back from the dead was for him. So, he doesn't know what happened to him either? That he's not the man he thinks he is? How many others don't know what's going on?) My first thought was he'd disappear, in other words, have rocks tied to his ankles and be dumped in the swamp. Then the sheriff comes up with the idea to test his faith in God. That didn't sound good and made me take notice. A short time later, he hauls the chainsaw out accompanied with the statement that "People don't like change." Never has a platitude sounded more chilling. After mercifully only hearing the arm being severed, we cut to the warehouse and the big reveal. Not really a surprise to those of us watching, but now we get to see the huge repercussions for the characters play out.
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Well, I'm one of your lurkers :) and I'm *loving* this show!

I had a *feeling* about his arm - I'm usually the most clueless, but, for some reason, I just *knew* something was going to happen. And OMG!!!
My gut reaction as soon as he showed up at Tom's doorstep with two arms was 'dead man walking'. But then all Tom's actions, thus far, have shown him trying very hard to maintain the status quo. I'm wondering if his plan/his species plan is not world domination, but world cohabitation.

Given the response I've gotten to this post, I think I may have to add it to my list of shows I regularly discuss. Which means I need you commenting! ;)
I'll be *happy* to comment :) but I think the show is on hiatus now? It seems as though *every* show I watch is on vacation!
Wait, wait, plot and arms is great and all, but what happened to Brother McConspiracyPants? *had to leave room before end of show*
Well, he almost wet his pants. Apparently he had been tied to the chair all night and *really* had to go, so they untied him and he went outside to relieve himself. The woman followed him to keep watch (you know what I mean) and ended up getting shot. We saw no shooter and didn't even hear a gun shot. He dragged her back inside and they scrambled to try and get her to a hospital. She was convinced she was dying so she confessed she was the one who stole the remains from Russell's trunk in the second (?) ep. The bodyshe determined was ten years old and she had taken the skull to try and reconstruct what the person looked like. She directed Dave to go look in a box on the other side of the warehouse. He calls Russell over and as he way too slowly turns the clay reconstruction towards the camera we see it's Sheriff Tom.

I mean, we all knew about Sheriff Tom, but 10 years? Makes you wonder how he first got stuckified by the "invaders". Is he a prototype? How did it happen? So many questions...

There were just too many damn alien shows. I gave up on Surface after the first ep, stayed with Threshold for about four before quitting (my dad is just starting to watch for Catherine Bell though, so I'll probably be scanning through the video files after I grab them for him), and Invasion was the last of them to start. I gave it 30 seconds: I groaned on the first ep when they had the "OMG, we were morons and made a show about a hurricane, but since we sunk the money and we HAVE to use the Lost fanbase as a launchpad for our crap, otherwise we're toast, we'll give this trite little 'warning' message to you, our poor pathetic gentle viewers, and air the fucking thing TONIGHT anyway. So be advised, content, blah blah."

Nah, no thanks.

I did take note of your recommendation for the show way back when and I've been stockpiling all the eps for when I'm REALLY bored, just to give it a second chance. I don't know you or anything but I kinda trust you; not the best compliment you've ever received, I'm sure, but hey. I haven't had time to be that bored though. :P

I have been bored enough to watch crap like Gray's Anatomy though. So maybe I'm just moving out of the whole weird crap phase and into one where I watch crap I don't even like.

shoot me. please.
I don't know you or anything but I kinda trust you; not the best compliment you've ever received, I'm sure, but hey.

LOL. No, but it's not the worst thing I've heard said/read about me either! ;)

Actually, I'm flattered that you stockpiled just on my rec. It's not a perfect show, like I said, it can be very slow moving sometimes, but I really get the sense that this show has been meticulously plotted out and is going somewhere. The reason I abandoned 'Lost' was that I felt that JJ and Co. were just pulling another 'twist' out of their asses every week and really don't know how this thing is going to end. Plus, the more I get to know about the characters, the less I like them.

I have not watched a single ep of 'Surface' because I heard it was the worst of the three alien invasion shows. I tuned into 'Threshold' for the cast, but I'm finding myself watching more out of habit now than interest. And have you heard CBS has pulled it from it's schedule? I'm not even sure Catherine's eps will air.

I tried watching 'Grey's Anatomy' again a couple weeks ago after bailing after the pilot. I just don't get why it's become this huge hit. I can take the occassional wacky hospital hijinks on 'Scribs' because it's a comedy, but GA is suppose to be a drama depicting the personal and professional struggles of the doctors and all I saw was crazy cases, really bad diagnosis (what doctor would tell a patient's husband she's dying of cancer before getting the biopsy results back???), and bed hopping. And the lead actress is really annoying. :p
Not reading the spoiler stuff on account of I haven't watched the ep yet, but I *really* like this show. In fact, it's starting to approach love. And Eddie Cibrian is OMGHOT!
Eh, I was sad to see the entire cast of Tilt be shot into the wind this year, everyone ending up all over the place. I fucking HATE poker with a passion and yet it was a fun show.
Eddie is easy on the eyes. ;) I'm not sure I'd put 'Invasion' in the same category as BSG or 'House' quite yet, but I definitely find it fascinating.
Every week I tape Lost & Invasion and watch VM so I don't get to see the episodes until Thursday. Just finished watching them and have been patiently waiting for the the day that Sheriff Tom would be revealed as a pod person. He's just been quietly re-arranging things in that town so that it seems as if nothing is wrong but of course everything is wrong and now Russell and company have finally figured it out.
The question is now - what are they going to do about it? He's the Sheriff which means his word is law which was a point driven home horribly last night when he convinced his Deputy to remove his arm. How are they going to stop him from carrying out whatever plan he and his fellow aliens have in mind.
The thing about Tom or Pod!Tom is that I don't believe he is evil. He was the first (supposedly) of his species to arrive and he's been working very hard to blend in and be part of the community. He seems to like the town and the people in it. What if his intent isn't to take over, but cohabitate? And why hasn't let the others like himself in on what they really are? Why let his wife believe she is who she was?
Plus now we have the story of the suicidal pod people thrown into the mix and why exactly did Pod Tom escape that fate. What is it about that part of the FL that is more "friendly" to the invaders? Do they just want to mingle with us or do they have a long range plan? Plus what about Tom's daughter? She's made some odd statements about him, does she know what he really is?
Yay for Invasion!
I've been watching this show all along. I really like it. And why not. The show's creator is Shaun Cassidy who was also the creator of the wonderful "American Gothic" which I still miss dearly.

The arm stuff creeped me out. I had to turn the sound off on my TV at the end and just peek intermittently at the screen. I am such a wuss.

Re: Yay for Invasion!
Yeah, I could have done without the sound of the chainsaw and the guy screaming. :/ The scene actually reminded me of a scene from 'American Gothic' (you do know it's out on DVD now?). If your recall, the deputy's son's abusive stepfather lost both his hands to a saw blade when he got distracted by Sheriff Buck.
I never miss it, and boy, last night was a doozy! I could not believe he cut off his arm. I felt so bad for him, he really believed it was a miracle, and judging from the previews for the next ep, he's still not convinced he did the right thing. I knew about Tom, I'm just a bit surprised they revealed it this soon in the season. I worry about this kids now, especially after he finds out that Russell knows.
I was surprised about the reveal on the show so soon too. I mean, I think most of the audiance knew who he really was, but I figured they'd make the characters wait until the season finale. I'm not too concerned about the kids. I really don't think he *wants* to hurt anybody and what good would harming them do? I think it's a red herring.
You are likely right, he's not so much into harming anyone, just controlling everything. Makes me wonder what his real human self was like.
I've been watching from the beginning. Have to say I was more a Greek Chorus of how stupid some things were like who puts up their hurricane shutters just when the hurricane is hitting,and then who drives around in one? Or when the son askd Meryl (?) "Mom can I ask you a question"? and I said "Are you an Alien"? Fun times. lol But I just knew the Sheriff was an Alien/Pod Person, just have been waiting for it to come out. I actually yelled "Aha"! And the whole thing with the "Jack Black" brother-in-law was awesome. I really like those two new people...a lot. As I told Lynn, they really gave us a lot last night. Way better than Lost, IMO. But that poor deputy. I thought as well they were just going to kill him, but when tom came out with the chainsaw....omg! I covered my ears. Smal trivia. If you watched "Band of Brothers" mini-series, the young man that plays the deputy played "Shifty" in BoB.
I did watch about half of the BoB mini recently due to an appearance by a certain BSG actor. ;) The deputy did look a little familiar. And I thought they were going to go with the predicatble solution and kill him, then again, I don't think the sheriff wants to resort to murder unless he really has to.
I find it ludicrous that we're supposed to believe he cut off his own arm with a chainsaw. Even if I could be convinced that he would do it AT would could possibly do that to themselves. He would have passed out in the first seconds of it. He would have needed help. He would have, at the very least, needed a vice grip. Whatever. That whole thing pissed me off. This whole show pisses me off. We, as the viewers, KNOW all of this stuff already... we knew it would be the sherrif...we know what's happening... let's get on with it already. Yes, I'm glad Russ and Dave now kind of understand and yes, I'm glad we actually got to SEE the 'alien' with gimpy...and how it kind of 'works'... but overall, I'm disappointed in the pacing of this series. Unlike Lost, I really don't give a shit about these characters. *sigh*

But I'm still watching. Of course.
Probably not the best comparison to make, but it's a bit like 'Columbo' in that we know who done it and how, but the fun (well, for some) is watching Columbo unravel the evidence and nail the culprit. I find it interesting watching the cast of characters deduce what's going on around them even if I already know.

And how you feel (or not) about the characters here is how I feel about the characters on 'Lost'. Accept for maybe Locke. And the evil dog. ;)