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Why is no one on my friends list talking about this show??? OK, it's not perfect. The build ups are often painfully slow, but in every episode there is a moment that makes me stop what I'm doing and go "What?!". Tonight is was "OMGWTF?!" He cut off his arm! I was wondering how the hell they were going to explain the arm growing back to everybody. Sure, a few folks would believe it's a miracle, but the rest would think its a hoax and, yes, make his life miserable. (On a sidenote, the priest truly believed it to be a miracle. Just as he believed coming back from the dead was for him. So, he doesn't know what happened to him either? That he's not the man he thinks he is? How many others don't know what's going on?) My first thought was he'd disappear, in other words, have rocks tied to his ankles and be dumped in the swamp. Then the sheriff comes up with the idea to test his faith in God. That didn't sound good and made me take notice. A short time later, he hauls the chainsaw out accompanied with the statement that "People don't like change." Never has a platitude sounded more chilling. After mercifully only hearing the arm being severed, we cut to the warehouse and the big reveal. Not really a surprise to those of us watching, but now we get to see the huge repercussions for the characters play out.
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