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Frelled by the weather

Just to let you all know, don't panic if I'n not lurking about the net for awhile. Last night we got hit by a massive ice storm here in Michigan and 300,000 people are without power, including moi. Oh, but it gets better....Consumers Power is saying power may not be retsored until Tuesday!!! I'm hoping that's the worse case scenerio and being near the city, it will be much sooner.

Now, how am I typing this you ask? Silver lining - my office building has power. So, I'm here for a bit surfing the web and maybe getting some work done.

And in the how to make a best of a bad situation department, I just got to talk to this cute attorney for about 15 minutes. I think through the course of our conversation I eliminated the 'he's gay' and 'he's got a girlfriend' possibilities. Nothing may come of my infatuation, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself that I made the attempt to get to know him better - and didn't make an ass out of myself doing it. :)

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