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Where Did The Weekend Go?

I had one of those weekends where I felt I both accomplished things and accomplished nothing.

Friday I finally forced myself to turn on the old computer and work on Christmas cards. To paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara, "As God is my witness, I will have graphics software on the laptop next year!" Yes, it was not the most fun experience and I quit when the program I was in froze up and shut down without my permission. Luckily, I was only playing around with layout and didn't lose anything significant.

After that, I decided to watch 'Creature Comforts' on BBC America and fell asleep before it finished. That's no comment on the show, I was exhausted before I even sat down to watch. However, as cute as I thought it was, I have a hard time seeing how this can sustain itself as a series.

Oh, while I'm behind (as far as I'm concerned) with holiday cards, I did manage to finish my prezzie shopping buy my last gift on Friday. Other than groceries and picking up the latest Sci-Fi magazine (which has a BSG spread :) I can avoid stores until after Christmas.

Hmmm, Saturday, was the 'OMG, I really need to buy food' day along with starting to put up Christmas decorations. Of course, I decide to do that at night and came to discover the light was broken in the storage area. Not to be foiled by a light bulb, I dragged my 96oz container of laundry detergent down the hall to use as a doorstop to let light in from the hall.

Sunday I had plans for breakfast at 10:00. One of the History Channels has been running the 'Hornblower' movies every Sunday morning at 8 so I decided to try this getting up early on the weekend thing. I don't understand why the network keeps recycling just the first four movies in the series when there are eight, but yesterday was 'The Fire Ships' which I had not seen yet. Yes, I watched an HH movie that did not have Jamie in it. And I actually enjoyed it in spite of that travesty. Please, don't die of shock. Perhaps it being more action oriented had something to do with it. Or that Horatio had a few witty retorts. However, I still take issue with plot and character choices that leave me scratching my head.

In TDatD Horatio is dwelling on his perceived failures that occur during the events in 'The Fire Ships'. Apparently Horatio can't deal with losing a single man unless it's in combat. He wasn't responsible for the supply ships being blown up thus leading to one man dying from illness and starvation. And Bunting (I think that was his name) was clearly a mutineer who wasn't able to face the consequences for his actions. On the other hand, I suppose these losses do help to reinforce why it was so important for Horatio to save Archie.

What I really don't understand is Horatio confessing to Archie that he failed his Lieutenants exam. Granted, things were not going well and, as Pellew pointed out, he probably would have failed, but in actuality his examination was interrupted by canon fire and a burning ship headed right for the fleet. If not for his quick thinking (I won't even go into the issue of him saving the day while two other captains wonder what to do), the Indy and who knows how many other ships would have been lost. How did he fail? And he obviously wasn't bumped back to Midshipman as Pellew told him would happened had he failed.

Last night, I went to my monthly 'Farscape' meet-up and for the first time in over a year - we actually watched 'Farscape'! Specifically, we listened to Ben and Claudia's commentary on 'The Locket' and 'The Way We Weren't'. While the former was overall the funnier of the two commentaries, Ben had the funniest single comment for TWWW. Claudia mentioned that one of the PK extras was her "mother's gardner's boyfriend". Ben then ran with that, joking about how those are exactly the sort of inside comments people want in these commentaries and told the kids who may be listening to go ask their parents exactly what that means. :)

All and all it was a great evening with lovely people. Sadly, the hosts do not have LJs so I'll just say thank you to P and T. :)

Now I need to plug several shows for this evening. First of all, Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential return at 8:00est. I'm very excited about the latter because it features Michael Vartan's guest appearance. He speaks French! Watch!

And at 9:00est The Triangle debuts on Sci-Fi. I don't know what kind of quality we'll be seeing, but it does have some good folks in front of and behind the camera so I'm willing to give it a try.
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