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Kitchen Confidential and Other stuff

Not that many of you will be interested in this, but I promised hockeyvaughnfan a recap of last night’s Kitchen Confidential AKA Cooper! Vartan! Together Again! TV Guide’s Watercooler section had a good recap that was very complimentary to both actors. I have a few additional thoughts about the pretty the show.

To begin with, I love watching a show and being able to tell that the actors are having a great time working together. There were at least two occasions when Michael Vartan looked like he was trying not to laugh during exchanges with Bradley Cooper. Luckily for him, he was off camera when Jack (Bradley) delivered the best line. Telling the restaurant owners daughter (sorry, I don’t know most of the character names) how alike he and Michele (Michael) are – "It’s like we worked together before or something." :)

That was followed up by Michele kissing Jack on the head. Scripted? Unscripted? Either way, very cute. And I can’t forget to mention how incredible Michael looked in the black suit coat and white shirt open at the collar accompanied by the stubble. ::drools::

It dawned on me that Michael had stated that during his time on ‘Alias’ he fought doing a French accent because it always sounds fake. I kind of have to agree. I think it’s in large part due to the fact we’ve heard it exaggerated so much by actors over the years. Oh, and jokes about the French surrendering during various wars? Apparently, those will never get old – at least for comedy writers. Yes, the war between Jack and Michele over a stolen recipe for lamb escalated to the Americans/British vs. the French.

There was an icon worthy moment when Jack and Michele face off in the alley behind the restaurant. It struck me as being very reminiscent to the final shot of Buffy and Spike in OMWF. Not that that’s a bad thing. ;)

Ultimately Michele is undone by Jack’s protégé who makes a call to INS. But what actually does him in is what seems to undo every other criminal in this country – the IRS. It seems that Michele had his VISA to work here, but didn’t bother to ever pay taxes. Oops.

Michael’s best lines/exchanges (in my humble opinion):

To Jack: "You’re cuisine is ca ca."

And when restaurant owner’s daughter whose putty in his hands (when she’s not on her back ;) states, "I have to take a stand" , Michele replies, "Standing is good. Come. I’ll take you against the door."

I also watched The Triangle last night. I have nothing in-depth to say about it, but I did enjoy it overall. The writing dialogue and plotting was good, the weird anomalies and time shifts had me thinking, and the characters were fairly well developed. If I had one criticism with Part 1 it is pacing. It seemed to drag a bit in areas. One of the culprits was a subplot of sorts involving Eric Stoltz’s character’s family situation. Though, maybe that all ends up tying into later events. I’ll definitely keep watching…and not just for the new BSG promo. ;-)

And this item is already making its way around LJ, but for those who haven’t seen it.....

NBC ITUNES IN: Following ABC's lead, NBC Universal is set to announce a deal with Apple that will make programs from NBC, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel and other outlets — perhaps including highlights from forthcoming coverage of the Winter Olympics — available for on-demand downloading from the iTunes service. According to the trades, ESPN may be the next network to hop on the iTunes bandwagon.

Yes, BSG eps are part of this deal and are available for download. However, it seems they are part of a "bundle" which I take to mean you can’t just pick up the ep you missed, but have to order the whole season. I still have dial up so I really don’t care either way. :p
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