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X3 Trailer

I saw the new trailer for X3 this afternoon. It goes beyond 'teaser' in my opinion, giving away some significant plot details. For those who are somehoe goign to attempt to know nothing about the film before it debuts on May 26th, I'll do a cut. No spoilers beyond what I saw in the trailer because I know nothing beyond what I know in the trailer. ;)

Let’s talk about the hair or, more specifically, the fake hair. The good news is Halle/Storm finally! has a believable wig. Out is the long and white and in is the short, layered, and silver/grey. I'm undecided about Jean/Phoenix’s very long, very straight red tresses. In one shot it looked OK, another not so much. And what’s up with Wolverine’s hair? It looks very odd. In some clips it appears almost normal, if very unkempt. But I also saw a couple shots of the Wolverine hair we know and love. Which leads me to think we could get a scene showing Logan using a lot of styling product in the morning.

There’s a rather buff looking guy with huge ass wings on his back. Let me guess, his name’s Angel?

Hey, who’s the chick looking longingly at Bobby? Kitty Pride? Back off, that’s Rogue’s boyfriend! Wait, where is Rogue? I swear Anna signed for this. Phew. She’s at the funeral. Funeral?!

OK, I don’t see Xavior or Cyclops there. I’m a fan of Patrick Stewart, so here’s hoping James Marsden finally succeded in pissing off the producers and got himself killed off. There is a clip of Cyclops screaming at the sky, eyes blazing. Next shot is Wolverine collecting Cyclops glasses. Does he go nuts? Evil? Does he catch Jean and Logan in a passionate embrace?

Speaking of….no, no passionate embracing, but I very cool nod to the first film. In a role reversal, Jean is unconscious in a bed at the med lab of the school and Logan is reaching out to touch her. She suddenly wakes up and grabs his wrist.

Oh, they did go with a live action Beast! And Kelsey Grammer looks great in the makeup.

So, Magneto is back and still pissed off about the mutant plight. Seems he’s raised an army (Pyro’s at his side, but doesn’t look confidant that he made the right choice) and they are marching on…San Francisco? That poor bridge always gets it. Well, they already damaged Lady Liberty and marched on the White House.

Wow. They’re really trashing some city here. Fire, rubble, Logan lighting a cigar. Is it spring yet?

I discovered this evening that not using your printer since, oh, June, is probably not the best idea. I managed to fix the crap print quality and the 'printer cannot communicate with computer' error, but now I'm left hoping that the fact only red ink is coming out of the color cartridge is because it's gunked up and in need of replacing.
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