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The Bamber Playgirl interview is available for perusing! danceswithwords posted this link. How much do I love her? It’s far too short, but Jamie was asked some surprisingly intelligent questions and gave some very good answers. And, thank you!, no TMI. The one disappointing thing is they recycled BSG promo shots. No, I didn’t want to see naked, but I would have liked some new photos.

Apollo hasn’t had so much as a kiss yet with anyone? OK, when was this interview done? The kiss with Kara would have been filmed months ago. Maybe the magazine held the interview to coincide with the mid-season premiere.

I loved the story involving the eight story billboard with his (and apparently Katee’s) face plastered on it and both of them taking turns posing in front of it to snap pictures. And how when his brother had a four hour layover in LA, he spent the entire time driving him to the site of the billboard to “Stamp home his brother’s amazing stardom.” :D

A close runner up to that humorous anecdote was him taking the time to explain to us all who Ioan is. :)

While I couldn’t disagree with his comment about American pop culture being repressed, the part about it being “highly censored and nudity is really hard to get away with on TV”, eh, not so much. I’m guessing he spends so much time shooting ‘Galactica’ he doesn’t actually watch much TV because the nudity, at least on cable, is not that hard to come by.

I watched the final installment of ‘The Triangle’. Between reading the Bamber interview and my headache, I have to admit I wasn’t paying close attention, but there seemed to be *a lot* of plot holes.

I picked up a new ink cartridge for my printer tonight and Woo Hoo! discovered the printing problems the other night were just the fault of the old cartridge. Goal for this weekend will be getting cards printed and packages packaged.
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