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It's official. Kitchen Confidential has been cancelled and pulled from the schedule for the rest of the season. I'll consider myself fortunate the Vartan episode aired. But, here's the kicker. It's being replaced in it's time slot with.....are you ready for it?.....repeats of Arrested Development. So, instead of running new eps of a cancelled show they are going to run repeats of a show they are probably going to cancel. Yep, makes perfect sense to me.
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How...odd. But anything that gets AD out there and airing is a Good Thing in my book. Every bit of exposure has got to help my poor little darling show.
We should be thankful that they went with AD over repeats of 'That 70s Show'. It's possible that they could have thought the thirty airings a day on multiple stations just wasn't enough exposure for that show. :p
I don't think it's that odd. Bad as AD's ratings are, KC's are even worse. They lost a substantial portion of AD's audience during the last episode. I'm sure if it had held onto the numbers, they'd keep airing it.
did i mention i hate fox? witness their fumbling of firefly. idiots. hate em.

so, how are you? i meant to thank you for posting that scifi q&a for bsg. great stuff.
Between work, shopping, and trying to get the Christmas cards completed and printed (they are printing right now!) I've been busy. And the monthly visitor came a calling this week which always makes me crabby and tired. Hopefully we'll have a chance to meet up again soon.

Glad you enjoyed the Q&A. I found it quite enjoyable too.
Well, it figures. I actually watched K C last week and found it funny, if inappropriate for my children at 8:30pm. It made me miss Xander. I feel bad that I slacked off watching Arrested Development. I watched it the same night as KC and was reminded of the goodness. I guess I had hoped that if I left it alone it wouldn't get cancelled. So much for the reverse psychology!
On the brightside, we can rule you out as putting the curse on good shows. 'Galactica' even got picked up for a third season! ;)
God, there's logic for ya.

It's too bad, i did want to at least see the remaining eps, even if i knew there wouldn't be anymore after that.