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My Stance on the Holidays

My enthusiasm for the holidays lies somewhere between "OMG it's Christmas! Wheeeeee!!!" and "Is it January yet?" I enjoy making cards, but want to take a sledghammer to my old computer and printer. I love giving gifts, but loathe having to go out in the cold to get them (let's take a moment to give thanks to online retailers). And I adore the lights and pretty decorations, it's the time it takes to put them up and take them down is a pain in the ass. Today, I ventured out to pick up a few odds and ends. Stuff I didn't need to get, but thought would be nice little extras with gifts I had already purchased. For the most part it went OK, until I decided to go to Target. I never made it to Target. Seriously, traffic was backed up for what was probably a mile. I couldn't figure out why until I remembered between me and the Target was, oh, Sam's Club and Costco. So, I turned into a drive and ended up going to visit divahag in her own retail hell. Other than groceries, I don't think I'll be going near a store until at least December 27th.

I've been catching up with some shows I recorded last week and 'Alias' did something I didn't think was possible...make Sark boring. They're showing us the softer side of Sark now? Where's the evil bastard we know and love? Seriously, I thought Rachel was going to follow after him to get 'reaquainted' and that it would be OK with everyone. Good grief. And it was odd to hear David Anders talk without the Birtish accent even though I knew that was his real voice.

And while I adore you all, I *really* adore sdwolfpup and brynnmck today for feeding the Bamber obsession. ::crosses fingers that I'll get to see them and danceswithwords soon::
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