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Birthday Wishes and A Bunch of Other Stuff

Happy Birthday! to fer1213, Spuffy writer extraordinaire and one swell gal. Even with her penchant for accosting celebrities at Cons. ;) I'm thrilled we finally got to meet this year and a little bummed it probably won't happen next year. Hope your special day was as good as your weekend. ;-)

And a slightly belated Happy Birthday! to my fellow Lee/Laura shipper meret, obviously a woman of high intelligence and exceptional taste. :-)

Now for the randomosity.....

I watched Fantastic Four on Sunday. I have to say it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but I'm still pondering if there was a plot. There were parts where I was completely lost, as if they forgot to connect the less than thrilling stunt and effects sequences together. For the most part, the actors were OK, they just were given nothing to work with. And, of course, it would be easy to pick on Jessica Alba's acting, but what really left me scratching my head was that Sue Storm and Reed Richards (Ioan) supposedly attended MIT together, yet aren't they about ten years apart in age?

Oh, and the X3 sneak peak? It's about 90 seconds of one of the producers talking about what we'll see in the film and how it's THE BEST X-MEN FILM EVA! :/

My mother informed me this weekend that she wants to see Brokeback Mountain. I'm trying to imagine just how uncomfortable it's going to be watching two guys have sex on screen with my mom sitting next to me?

Sci-Fi is continuing it's tradition of picking up canceled shows that lasted a season or less. The current lucky loser is Night Stalker. They'll be showing all ten eps next summer including three that never aired.

I wouldn't trust Wanda/Kristen over at E! as far as I could throw her, but TV Guide tends to be pretty accurate in their reporting. It seems the film Michael Vartan is filming in Australia wraps on February 10th. That 'Alias' finale starts filming February 22nd. Start placing bets on where Vaughn has been hiding himself since his 'death'.

Firefly got a mention on 'Bones' tonight. Pretty impressive to be a pop culture reference after only thirteen episodes. Awwwww, David looks so adorable when he smiles. :)

And while I didn't quite meet my goal of getting all my cards and packages mailed today, I made a pretty significant dent in it all. Only about ten more cards and I'll be done. Woo Hoo!
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