Showtime might be a better fit (imagine what they could get away with!), but then I'll have to bug my mom to record it for me. Then agian, it's not like she has much to do. :p
I know! I don't have Showtime either, but I think Jack does. Maybe. And you know I could hurt her if she didn't record it for me. Plus, there are always other means if ya know what I mean. :-)
If Showtime picked it up, it would be the first thing to ever make me consider getting premium cable. In short, I'd do anything for my beloved little show. *crosses fingers*
Excellent. It looks like someone's noticing that FOX tends to cancel shows that have surprising commercial longevity beyond the grave.
Maybe FOX should change their slogan to 'The network that brings you.....and then gives it away.' Of course, with so much interest in the show now, maybe they'll decide to keep it.