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Yes, I Actually Feel Compelled to Discuss Alias

I realized tonight it wasn't the gadgets, or the twists, or the Rambaldi conspiracy with no end that kept me tuning in each week - it was the relationships. Too bad the show has lost sight of it's greatest strength because there were definitely moments tonight where I got sucked back in..briefly.

First off, I have to admit, they got me. Or, more precisely, they didn't let it get out that Lena was back. With the repeated concern expressed over the baby I was thinking it was either Vaughn behind the glass or Irina. Now, while it didn't make a lot of sense for Vaughn to be after information he already knew, the fact was that had MV back. Last I heard they were supposedly still trying to convince Lena to return for the finale. So kudos to the show for getting her mid season and keeping it a surprise.

I know there are people who never cared for Michael Vartan on the show, though I think most have to admit Vaughn's relationship with Syd was pivital, especially in the early seasons. And MV's acting tonight, considering the circumstances, I think may have been some of the best work of his career. The moment in the prison when she puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby kick and that smile spreads across his face? Well, I may have gotten a little choked up.

And while I thought the scenes with the doctor and his regression techniques ranged from silly at best to stupid at worst, I think the show did a really excellent job of revisiting key moments from Syd and Vaughn's past and 'reimagining' them.

Vaughn mentioned at least twice how he and Syd always find each other. Vaughn is sooooo alive.

Also contributing to this episode being decent - the craptacular substitute they hired for JG was no where in sight.

How much is Balthazar being paid to play errand boy? And Ron Rifkin gets to beg for help just before being hung up on and then goes off to wallow apparently. Or maybe Sloane went to join Sark in looking for their balls. Way to destroy your villians JJ.

The return of the cliffhanger! A pretty good one too. I have no clue how she's getting off that ship. Unless it's heading for the Bermuda Triangle. ;p
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