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Unfortunately, I have to go into work tomorrow. Good will toward men my ass. No, at work, it's 'Hey, we didn't take care of this the first eleven months of the year, so you have to do it NOW.' My desk I'm sure looks much like many at Enron right before they headed to the shreaders. But before I venture into work I will be seeing 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and possibly doing lunch so the day won't completely suck and blow.

And tonight writteninstars surprised me with a phone call. sdwolfpup, brynnmck and dragonfly0303, you all may want to watch your back. Apparently you all usurped her in the bestowing of gifts upon me. There were many instances of "Damn (insert your real name here)" and "I'm going to cut her". Fortunately, there are many states in between you and her. And she assures me that even though you made her life more difficult she's still pleased with whatever it is she got me so, most likely, you'll live.

I was also informed that there was some good news today for someone we both know, but since I don't want to deprive her of the opportunity to make the announcement herself here's a semi-secretive CONGRATULATIONS! :-)
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