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I Want My BSG Discs Now!

I've been perusing friends of friends of friends on LJ and it seems some folks have already gotten their 2.0 discs. Not that I'd even get to watch them today, the plan is to finish up watching KLG Parts 1&2 and post about them, but, still, I want those discs! Turns out there's a really cool extended preview for the upcoming season. On the downside, the extended cut of 'Pegasus' is not included in this set, apparently it will be in the next release, thus we'll have both cuts. I'm not getting too worked up about it because i do like the idea of having both versions and being able to chuck my crappy video copies.

In other news, I saw 'The Chronicles of Narnia' this afternoon and enjoyed it a lot. The performances were excellent, I was especially impressed with the girl who played Lucy, and the CGI for the lion was amazing. I don't think I've ever forgotten I'm watching a CGI creation before. At lunch, raislak and I were discussing an odd vibe we got between Peter and Susan, but I said I'm at the point I look for subtext in everything. ;) I wish I had more to say, but I can't compare it to the book because I've never read it. I know, you're shocked.

And for those wondering where my write up for this week's 'House' is it fell victim to a very busy schedule. I hope to get some thoughts down this weekend because I enjoyed it quite a bit. As my mother pointed out, "This is a drama, right? Should I have been laughing that much?" ;-)
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