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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....Sort of

Before I get to what has significantly cheered me up this past week or so, let me explain why I’ve been so delinquent in getting to the good stuff. I’ve made mentions here and there that I’ve had a truly horrible week. I came seriously close to crying twice at work because I felt overwhelmed, stressed and angry. Generally I’m not at a loss for words, but I became so furious while trying to deal with an American Express representative I came to a point I could no longer speak to her. Then it took a good five minutes after I was off the phone before I could speak to anyone. Did I mention this all happened after 5:00 when I should have been on my way home? And that the impetuous for the problem is the fault of my dumb ass boss? And every time I felt I was beginning to make progress on the huge piles of work on my desk and silly enough to become optimistic that there was an end in sight, another huge ass stack of work would be delivered.

On top of work hell, I had to take my mother to the emergency room twice. Without going into the long story because, frankly, I don’t wish to relive it, the short version is she had a CAT scan on Monday to check her kidney (its fine) and by Tuesday was having an allergic reaction to the dye they used. Nothing life threatening happened, but she did break out in a rash and was itching like crazy. When the meds didn’t work fast enough for her liking, we had to make a second trip back.

Oh, and during the first trip to the ER, my check engine light went on in the car. I took it into the dealership today and, Christmas Miracle!, it was only a gunked up hose and cost a lot less than I expected to fix.

So, other than managing to, after four days of trying, post my KLG recap, I haven’t had a ton on time for LJ or e-mail. I think I finally caught up with replying to people yesterday. I’ve seen a lot of folks posting about the cards/gifts they’ve been receiving and I felt bad for not doing the same. I think we all like to know when what we sent has been received and appreciated. I cannot begin to express how much your thoughts and kind words have meant to me. Seriously, I think I have the bestest group of friends there is and that all of you have chosen to be friends with me I take as a very high compliment. And that you actually enjoy my BSG/Bamber ramblings and I haven’t driven you all mad is just frosting on the cake. ;-)

Now, here be who I‘ve received cards from as of this afternoon…

avrelia (A card in Russian!), brynnmck (Super sekrit secret question - brief? Why is that? Do I have to share him? ;), cathyteach2 (Baby pic!), dementedsiren (OMG, you wrote me a ‘Bones‘/Bamber ficlet! How cool are you?! Very cool. And it‘s the rare time I haven‘t found Temperance annoying. ;), electricexprmnt (Frankenangels? Now that‘s scary.), fer1213, gobi_rex (A woman of fine shipping choices.), hockeyvaughnfan, jidabug, keswindhover, mirandaflynn, molly_may, dragonfly0303, onlyoot, poshcat (Who will force me to explain to my mother why a woman is sending me a card with a woman in lingerie on the front. :p) , raislak (A closet poet), roquelaure, sal101010, and sweet_ali (I‘m not that nice - really!).

And then there are the wonderful prezzies from fer1213 (Great music), danceswithwords (Chocolate and Bamber - two things that go great together. :), the combined efforts of sdwolfpup and brynnmck and our mutual love of Archie and Horatio, reckleslinguist (She found a Blue M&M Han Solo! And some other stuff. ;), x_h00ine (Hugh Laurie contraband!), dragonfly0303 (Josh!), and raislak who gifted me back in friggin October. :p

I’d also like to give a big shout out to writteninstars who mailed out my package before Christmas this year! I’ll be waiting for the family of five remarks in comments now…

Now let me take a moment and not be all about ME. Happy Birthday! to swsa. It’s always been a joy to read your Buffy snark and insight and you have my gratitude for keeping me away from the TWOP boards. I hope you have/had a great day. : )

Tomorrow I have plans to see The Family Stone and perhaps squeeze in some BSG 2.0 viewing so I may post again before Sunday. If not, Happy Holidays!
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