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Random Thought of the Night

As I sit here catching up on LJ with Oklahoma starring Hugh Jackman on in the background, a thought occurred to me. If Hugh and Jamie were to ever star in a film together, with that much charisma and prettiness on one screen simultaneously, it may kill me. I'd die happy though. :)
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Yeah, I can see you spontaneously combusting over that one!

::ponders teh pretty::
Sorry for the OT reply: I haven't thanked you properly for your awesome card yet. So, thank you so much! I don't watch that particular show but enjoyed your great artwork nonetheless. Thank you also for your kind words. I'm so glad we are still in touch because you are such a lovely and sweet person! :blows kisses:
Lovely and sweet? Are you sure you don't have me confused with another card sender. Nah. The Bamber lust is definitely mine. ;) Thanks for the very kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed it. ::smooches::
He wasn't too disappointing in the rest of it either. ;) So did you and Bryn have a joint viewing or did you decide to break in the disk first?
So I probably shouldn't tell you that I find Hugh Jackman somewhat bland looking?

Kidding! Don't hurt me please. He's hot, honest. *runs away*

*runs back* Happy New Year!
So, first we put the knife in my back with Bamber and now we twist it with Hugh? In case you didn't know it, I plan on being more melodramatic in the new year. :p
Perhaps in future melodramatic posts you might want to consider using articles? The Bamber, The Hugh! It's klasseee yo.