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New Years Resolutions

Nope, I haven't got any yet. I looked at the resolutions I posted last year and I appear to have been 30% successful. I bought a laptop, wrote a fanfic, and I do think I'm at least a little more patient and a better listener. I also perused my first post of 2005 and it's as if it could have been written today. Either I need to change jobs or gripe about work less. :p

I hope everyone had a pleasent or at least stress free new year. I was in bed before twelve, but I don't seem to have missed anything exciting. Today, I spent three hours in a movie theater watching KIng Kong. Boy, was I ever disappointed. It's not that it was a bad film, but I don't feel it lived up to the hype. It seemed too outrageous in some parts, Including Anne being dragged through the jungle without sustaining a cut and her hair remaining coiffed. There was some questionable attention to detail - my mother threw a fit when they had a sign for Madison Square Garden in Times Square. The big problem though was it was too damn long. Far too lengthy a set up, too many rumbles in the jungle, and one character who was seemingly important disappeared. Imho, wait for the DVD.

The rest of the weekend I hope to spend cleaning, organizing for my upcoming trip, and maybe finishing off BSG (Btw, the TV Guide interview with Mary and Eddie contains some spoilage). And the marvelous divahag has given me a copy of 'The Christmas Invasion' so I can frinally catch up with you all and read your posts. :)

Finally, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to hockeyvaughnfan. Looking at the clock, I think I'm under the wire. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through our mutual admiration of Mr Bamber and Mr Vartan. Hope you had a great one. :)
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My goal for you is to find more satisfying work. Your soul needs it. You need a job were you are appreciated for everything you bring to the table.
As far as King Kong goes, I thought it was done pretty well. It was long even for me....and of course there was *NOT* enough Adrien I kept sitting there waiting to see him more. ;)
I'm with WIS, you need to find something that appreciates you more....Hell, don't we all???? :)
Happy New Year!
I can't stand brody. I wanted to give him a chance, us skinny boys have to stick together you know, but the whole kissing halle berry against her will and then bragging that "hey, I had the chance, so I had to take it" sealed the deal for me. He's a rapist [or rapist-lite if you prefer], no matter how sensitive or quirky he's typecast as.
I don't see him in that light at all, IMO. He still remains one of my favorite actors. And of course, his quirkiness is one of my favorite things.
OTOH, I don't see him as quirky at all: he's only "quirky" because he's positioned that way by the marketplace and its standards. He's skinny, has a big nose, and looks vaguely ethnic so he must have "personality" or something... only he's really just a frat boy at heart if you judge him by his actions.
Tomorrow night at 10est Sci-Fi is running an 'Inside Battlestar Galactica' special. They tend to be very lame, but you get to see the cast out of character and Jamie's horrible taste in clothes. ;)
Thanks for the b'day wishes *big hugs*, I had a really enjoyable day thanks. It's been great getting to know you too and here's hoping for even more wonderful Vartan and Bamber centred wonderfulness in 2006 *grins*
Happy New Year to you. One of my resolutions would have been to try to meet up again with you this year, but wait! We are totally doing that in less than two weeks! Eeee!
Ten days! Maybe we'll have to make it a goal to meet up twice. ::cough::Dragon*Con::cough::
I've given up on resolutions :) I agree with everyone that you need to find work that makes you happy and people who appreciate you.

Our year started out with the computer on the fritz again. Grr. How many times in the last year have I said that? And just as we were enjoying our new monitor. We're back on the laptop for now. How nice that I saved a free AOL trial offer CD:)

As for King Kong I have to agree; I didn't find it to be as good as the hype. Cindy says when she spends more time at the end saying Ann should have a coat on,there is something wrong with the movie ;)
LOL. I was distracted by Ann's lack of a coat too! Not to mention, did you notice that when she walks out of the theatre, her hair is kind of messed up, but when she meets Kong it's perfectly styled? I turned to my mom and asked if she thought she had stopped at the hairdresser on the way? :p