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The BSG special airs at 10est tonight. From those who downloaded it a couple weeks ago, I read that, like the previous specials, it's more of a recap than anything else. And while we will be spared the fugely tees and manpris, I saw a promo where Jamie was wearing a yellow shirt. I'm not sure if it's from the special tonight, but only about six people on this planet look good in yellow and he's not one of them.

OK, someone somewhere has probably mentioned this already, but I discovered as I was watching 'The Farm', 'Home Parts 1&2', and 'The Final Cut' that the 2.0 DVDs contain additional deleted scenes not posted on the Sci-Fi website. This could be true of earlier episodes as well, but I had skipped over some scenes posted due to downloading problems. It came to my attention now during, what else? An exchange between Lee and Laura. Which I'll refrain from fawning over because I promised to do only one post for my current rewatch and I'm only two eps away from being done. And OMG! Only four more days!!!!

In slightly more important news, I finally booked a flight to Seattle. Yes, I still need to work on the procrastination thing. So, the vicious shipper wars shall commence in person on the 11th. ;)
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YAY YAY YAY! Email me with the details when you get a chance. :)
Oh hey, you're going to be in Seattle! Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious, but I'm tired and just now catching up on my flist. ;) What do you plan on doing while you're up here?
I'm going to be there from the 11th thru, well, let's say the 14th since my flight leaves at Noon om the 15th. So far our (meaning moi, dancewithwords, brynnmck, and sdwolfupup) plans include the science fiction museum and Sci-Fi Friday viewing. Do you sense a theme? ;) Other than that, I've got nothing. SInce Bryn and SDW live there I'm letting them be my guide. I'm not sure what schedules will end up being, but I'd love to try and meet up. :)
I'm not sure what schedules will end up being, but I'd love to try and meet up. :)

Oh, totally! If you guys are doing any sight seeing and the such downtown, let me know. I live very close. I didn't even know there was a sci-fi museum in Seattle. :P Goes to show how on top of things I am!
I;m sorta kinda watching the special and yeah, Jamie shouldn't wear yellow. I honestly don't even know who the six you reference are. ;-)
Hee. Well, they do make clothes in that color so there have to be a few people who look good in it. He made up for the shirt with the lack of one in the montage at the end. :-)

Btw, Tehmoh (sp) as himself and not Helo? I can get behind front of it...under it. ;)
Mwahahaha! Tehmoh = uberhotness on a stick. I need my freakin' Helo icon back in rotation. Hmmmph.

Also? They make clothes in fuschia and chartreuse too and yet no one looks even remotely attractive in those colors; so, your argument is flawed. :p

::ducks and covers::
only about six people on this planet look good in yellow and he's not one of them

I just got finished watching it. The man should *not* be allowed to pick out his own clothes!

It came to my attention now during, what else? An exchange between Lee and Laura.

Nooo! You can't tease us like that, and then not tell us what the deleted scene was! *pouting*
When it comes to Jamie's fashion choices I just keep reminding myself that James Marsters sense of style is much, much worse.

OK, fine, you and Deborah win, I shall post recaps of the significant L/L cuts. You've made me out to be a liar you know! :p
Yay! Thank you! :)

You've made me out to be a liar you know! :p

*pets Asta*
Personally I couldn't give a stuff about the guy's fashion choices - he's a damn good actor, is by all accounts a really really nice guy and one who patently adores his wife and kids, has a seriously smart mind (which is something I personally find a lot more interesting then good dress sense) and a nutty (sometimes naughty) sense of humour, both of which come across in interviews and are a nice change from so many actors these todays who come out with stock answers and who you know don't have an original thought in what little brain they have!

And I know some people say the guy should hire a stylist, but that brings up 2 points for me : (1) Have people seen who awful some people who DO have a stylist look??? and (2) Apart from the fact the guy is too down to earth for that kind of crap anyway, I imagine there are more important things to spend the hard earned money on in the Griffith family, and then on top of that there is always the possibility that they may also be saving lots of money in order to send the girls to private school when they reach school age (and that ain't cheap!)

So yeah, the dress sense thing is not something I care about, but each to their own *grins*
I think we mock his questionable clothing choices because we have seen him in some very nice attire and know how flattering clothing can be on him so we ask why the yellow shirt instead of the nice white dress shirt? Or even the red tee from 'Ghost Rig' which was one of the few saving graces of that movie. ;) Of course, it could all be part of Kerri's master plan to not make him too pretty for all us drooling fangirls out there. ;p
I came across several deleted scenes that weren't up at the website. But, of course, the ones that caught my attention were the L/L ones. Since I don't want drive you and Meret (and probably Julia) crazy, I shall recap them in a seperate post. ;)
Didn't you love the one where he was all, "I've always got your back!" and she's like, "I know" and he has the little hurt look? I mean, they were both so...them. It was kind of the odd flip from their previous scene where he's like, "I can't have your back!" and she's like, "Fine. Next time, think smarter!" and yeahhhh, The Farm should have just been the episode where they led their rebellion and had uncomfortable UST, and then after the exodus, they frak each other silly after having a screaming match, which explains why they are the uber-chill by Home I.
LOL. Well, that would explain them being more cozy in 'Home'. ;)

As I said in the post I just made to get people off my back ;p, I had trouble reading Lee's expression off her remark. Jamie just played him too stoic or something. Of course, I think Lee may have been surprised that they had this big blow up and unlike his father who would take it as some personal betrayal and question his loyalties, she still has complete faith in him and his loyalty to her. I also said it's possible she may know she owns his ass. ;)
At long last Sci-Fi Friday returns. And where am I going to be this week? Trying to work out the time difference in Hong Kong. Bum...