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The BSG special airs at 10est tonight. From those who downloaded it a couple weeks ago, I read that, like the previous specials, it's more of a recap than anything else. And while we will be spared the fugely tees and manpris, I saw a promo where Jamie was wearing a yellow shirt. I'm not sure if it's from the special tonight, but only about six people on this planet look good in yellow and he's not one of them.

OK, someone somewhere has probably mentioned this already, but I discovered as I was watching 'The Farm', 'Home Parts 1&2', and 'The Final Cut' that the 2.0 DVDs contain additional deleted scenes not posted on the Sci-Fi website. This could be true of earlier episodes as well, but I had skipped over some scenes posted due to downloading problems. It came to my attention now during, what else? An exchange between Lee and Laura. Which I'll refrain from fawning over because I promised to do only one post for my current rewatch and I'm only two eps away from being done. And OMG! Only four more days!!!!

In slightly more important news, I finally booked a flight to Seattle. Yes, I still need to work on the procrastination thing. So, the vicious shipper wars shall commence in person on the 11th. ;)
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