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Yes, I’m a liar. But it’s not my fault! I mentioned in my previous post that I had discovered some deleted Lee and Laura footage on the DVDs and people want details NOW. So, as to not drive my fellow shippers crazy by making them wait a couple days, I shall do a recap of what I found so interesting. ;)

I first did a double take as I was watching the deleted scenes for ‘The Farm’. I had not been paying that much attention until that scene came up where Lee tells Laura how he really felt about what she did (or didn’t do) on Colonial One and what she needs to do now. Next thing I know I’m seeing them walking down a hall on the Astral Queen as Laura asks Zarek when they are making the jump. I had no recollection of seeing this on the Sci-Fi website. In the episode, we cut from this exchange between Laura and Zarek to Laura walking through the doors and the former prisoners dropping to their knees in her presence. But there was an interesting exchange right before she makes her entrance. Lee stops Laura with a “Madame President” and she stops to speak with him. Lee looks to see if Zarek and his men are out of earshot and tells her, “I just want you to know, whatever happens, I’ll still watch your back.” Laura’s only response is, “Was there ever a question.” Off that, she smiles at him (it reminded me of her “Your Captain Apollo” smile at the end of ‘Bastille Day’).

I had trouble reading Lee’s reaction to her words because Jamie conveys a rather blank expression. Maybe Lee’s confused by her meaning. Or surprised that she doesn’t doubt him or where his loyalties lie (which would be much different then in his dealing with his father). Personally, I think her assurance of him can be attributed to one of two things. Most likely, it’s a reflection of how well she has come to know him and the kind of man he is – that he will remain loyal even as he disagrees with you. The scene was obviously meant to go hand in hand with the other deleted scene between the two (hence why this ended up on the cutting room floor as well). Lee may have issues with how she’s dealing with things, he may be disappointed in some of the choices she has made, but he will not abandon her.

The second way to read her reaction? She knows she owns his ass. ;)

Another Lee/Laura moment that was cut occurred in ‘Home Pt 1’. It was a continuation of the scene in which Laura informs the Quorum that if they don’t have the stomach for the mission, they are welcome to rejoin Adama’s fleet. One of the delegates announces she believes in the words of the gods and their prophet, Laura Roslin. Elosha then leads the others in “So say we all.” This is where I burst out laughing; Laura is shaking her head no and rolling her eyes slightly. Lee chimes in late with “So say we all” which seems a natural reaction of someone not buying any of this. Laura is then asked to lead them in prayer. Lee and Laura turn to look at each other at the exact same moment to give each other stunned expressions off the request and seeming very uncomfortable. Lee suddenly straightens up from his relaxed stance, as if coming to attention, presumably feeling that he should be respectful at this moment as Laura accepts the scrolls from Elosha.
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