The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

OK, I liked the new Doctor more than I thought I would. I think David has the potential to make me like him as much as Christopher. He seems remarkably at ease in the role already. And while I think he would have looked just fine in the leather jacket, I quite like the suit and overcoat look. :)

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this outing. Having the Doctor unconcious through half the ep wasn't a good idea, imho. I like the entire cast of characters, but the show just lacked something without the Doctor's presence. And I was a little peeved at Rose when she said the Doctor had abandoned her. I don't think he was in a coma by choice. :p Things certainly picked up once he came to though. I would have enjoyed the fight scene more if the camera work had been better. Though, I'm assuming they kept the camera pointed towards the sky so you didn;t see they were right outside a studio somewhere. I'm on the fence about Harriet's actions. She had a point about them spreading the news throught the galaxy about earth. However, when the ship doesn't make it back home, won't someone go looking for it? Couldn't news of how violent and dangerous the human race is potentially spread throughout the galaxy with more races coming to exterminate us?

The preview for the upcoming season looked very interesting, especially the kiss. I'm looking forward to seeing the next series and am looking at TCI as a satisfactory, if not spectacular, bridge between the two Doctors and Rose coming to grips with the change.
Tags: doctor who
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