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In my 2.0 rewatch a few more thoughts occured to me. I haven't viewed 'Pegasus' again yet, I think I'll save that to watch Friday before (YAY!) the continuation airs.

I realized tonight that jotting down notes on the back of a used envelope is probably not the best idea when you go to type up a post ten days later. :/ I think I’ve successfully deciphered most of what I was thinking at the time. I had watched KLG Pt 1&2, ‘Scattered’, and ‘Valley of Darkness’ in one sitting to see how they flowed together. By my calculations these episodes took place over the course of about one day with the events starting with the coup and ending with Lee standing by his father’s bedside spanning maybe six hours. Yet, there were still moments in which I didn’t think things were moving along as quickly as one would expect. Tigh’s flashbacks played a significant part in that feeling. Knowing from the podcasts that those flashbacks were to play a much more significant role in ‘Scattered’ and VoD and now seeing how lengthy they are via the deleted scenes, they would have severely dragged down the pacing of the episodes. Not to mention, if I was in CIC as Tigh took value time to stare at the ceiling and ponder the past, I’d be having numerous WTF moments.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Going back to KLG for a moment, I continue to see more nuances in the scene between Baltar, Six, and Sharon. Six makes a comment that the Sharon model is “weak”, but is she really? Suicide can be seen as a weakness, yet, in this case, it’s another sign that Sharon is attempting to fight her programming. She’s desperate not to hurt those she’s grown to care about and subconsciously at odds with how she is supposed to feel. And what of the other Sharon? Her falling in love with Helo has been called a weakness, but, again, it’s caused her to turn her back on her mission and led her to become her own person.

Contrary to what RM thinks, James’ portrayal of Baltar and his interaction with Sharon act as a reminder that the man is capable of genuine feelings for others. If his encouragement of Sharon to end her life was purely selfish, why would he have tears in his eyes as hears the gun go off? And taking a look at Six at that same moment, there is a genuine look of surprise on her face. Is she proud that he is capable of coaxing another into taking their life in an act of preservation? Or is she, too, shocked to find him so emotional?

Can I once again mention that whoever is writing the synopses that appear before the episodes on the DVDs has apparently never watched the show. In the description for VoD, it states that Lee persuades the marines to release him and Laura from the brig. He was never in the brig in this episode! And Laura orders Veneer to release her immediately. But why bother with accuracy? :p

In VoD it was never made exactly clear how Tigh knew what the Cylons intentions were. In one of the deleted flashback sequences, Adama explains to Tigh how, while he was serving aboard Galactic during the first cylon war, the cylons infiltrated the ship leaving 2000 dead. The thing I found most interesting about this is that it harkens back to something that has been repeated numerous times on the show – this has all happened before and will all happen again. If the exact same scenario has played out on Galactica twice, what else has happened before and will happen again?

There was another deleted scene I’m not sure was posted on the Sci-Fi site in which Ellen Tigh calls Tigh at CIC to find out what the hell is going on. Tigh informs her they’ve been boarded, to get his gun, and try to protect herself as best she can. It’s the only time I can recall Ellen looking genuinely vulnerable and it made me take her off the ‘She/He is a Cylon’ list.

From VoD to ‘Fragged’ the fleets population decreases from 47, 874 to 47,862. So they honestly expect us to believe after the Cylons boarded Galactica killing anyone who crossed their path that only 12 people died???

No new observations regarding ‘Resistance’. Consider yourself spared. ;)

One bad thing about watching deleted scenes is that when you go back and watch the ep they came from you can see how sloppy some of the editing was. When Lee, Laura, Zarek, and Elosha are in the meat locker, if you watch closely you see that Laura magically moves from being in front of a glass partition to being in front of a wall.

The sound being better on DVD than TV, I was better able to make out in ‘The Farm’ what Kara overhears between the ‘doctor’ and Six in the hospital. He states they are “waiting for results on the sample ovaries” and depending on the outcome, “Complete removal will precede tomorrow.” Assuming they are talking about Kara and not another woman trapped there, am I wrong to assume that perhaps the plan was to remove Kara’s healthy ovaries, possibly her entire reproductive system, and implant it into a Cylon? Could that have been another one of the Cylon experiments?

And tell me if I’m wrong, but I could swear that the Six model in the hospital is wearing a silver cross.

In ‘Home, Pt 1’ when Adama is asked at the press conference if he intends to reunite the fleet, he responds that those who chose to stay, who remained loyal that that is the fleet now. Since Lee is one of the individuals who chose to leave, it means he’s giving up on his son. Yet, what of his words to Lee in YCGHA when he asks if it was him, not Kara, who was missing – “If it were you, we’d never leave.” So, Lee, your father will never give up on you as long as you remain loyal to him. Way to make your love conditional there Bill.

For 'Home, Pt 2' there were, again, some additional deleted scenes. There was a rather humerous moment that was at the end of the discussion between Adama and Laura on Kobol. Laura comments on how he's changed. Adama says that most think it's a post traumatic reaction to the shooting, however, he states "Personally, I think I'm just a wuss." Laura breaks out into laughter as did I. Yet while we all know that Adama has a softer side, I can't imagine him admiting to being a "wuss" emotionally, so I think it was best left on the cutting room floor. Another interesting scene that was to be the original ending of the ep is Kara returning to her quarters, pulling out two small statues of the gods, kneeling before them, and reciting "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. It's good to be home."

I have to say on second viewing, Caprica Sharon comes off as more sinister than I had first realized. I’m not saying her feelings for Helo and her child are not genuine. And I don’t think she’s necessarily still secretly trying to advance the some Cylon plan. However, her fierce independence and personal agenda is a threat to both the Cylons and the humans. I have no clue what Sharon could do next and that, to me, is more dangerous than Six’s portents of doom for the human race.

I still wonder if within the Cylon society there exists groups whose plans are at odds with each other. In ‘The Final Cut’ we see the Cylons on Caprica thrilled to discover Sharon and her baby are alive. Yet, in FoTP, Sharon says she’s a liability and that the Cylons want her destroyed as well as the Galactica. She could have been BSing them, but, if she wasn’t, then it reinforces my theory. Let’s face it, the Cylons were created by humans and, though loathe to admit it, seem to have many of our characteristics. They could just as easily destroy each other as the humans have succeeded in doing for centuries.
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