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Resurrection Ship Pt 1

Note to danceswithwords, I think I got you beat in the long winded department. ;)

When I heard ‘Resurrection Ship’ was to be expanded from one part to two (more on that later), I had my concerns. In my experience, when a show opts to pad a script, one or both episodes suffer. I have to say, I didn’t feel that way here. There perhaps were moments here or there, but, overall, I felt all the scenes were necessary to advance the story or helped to provide a little more character insight. Something I felt was lacking in ‘Pegasus’.

While I enjoyed the episode very much, there were still some things I questioned. We start off with Kat apparently leading the attack on ‘Pegasus’. Now, I’ve seen many people say this makes her the CAG, but I’m not 100% certain of that. Still, she definitely seemed to be the leader out there and while I’m thrilled to see her back in a viper, she recently was going through withdrawal and, I’d say, a nervous breakdown. Shouldn’t someone else have been in charge?

I also feel there are many gaps in the logic behind the two assassination plots. I knew that Laura was the one to propose the need to eliminate Cain to Adama. I’ve seen in a few posts that some were surprised by her proposal. I wasn’t. We know she’s pragmatic and quick to assess a situation. Even before we had all the facts it seemed clear that Cain was dangerous, not just to Laura and Adama, but the entire fleet and thus the survival of their civilization. I like how she reminded Adama of his oath to protect the fleet. Cain is still stuck in the moment when life as they knew it ended. She’s still fighting a war when, as Laura pointed out to Adama long ago, the war is over - they lost. It’s now about survival. Instead, we see Cain reckless at every turn with the lives of the people. If Cain was allowed to remain in command, she’d be helping the Cylons by making the fleet (if she didn’t jettison it like the one she had previously) susceptible to annihilation.

Watching Adama interact with Laura, his crew, Lee and Kara, and seeing how far he was willing to go to save Helo and Tyrol, it reinforced for me how important family is on this show. I’m not saying that if Adama had never had children he’d be just like Cain, but it definitely helped him keep his ties to humanity and his focus on what is important.

I understood Adama needing more evidence in regards to how dangerous Cain could be. Hearing about the executions of families (which, given what we’ve seen, is still the most chilling thing I’ve seen/heard yet on this show) and leaving others to die, it’s easy to see what would come next for them all.

When Adama finally sees that Laura is right and proceeds to develop a plan, I’m intrigued that he turns to Kara, not Lee, to carry it out. It probably makes the most sense. Cain seems to like Kara and it would be easier for her to get close enough to her to do the job. Yet, I have to admit, I reacted to the scene on a more emotional level. I just don’t think Adama could ask his son to carry out a murder. And it’s not that Lee couldn’t do it. I think given all the facts, knowing what he’s already fought and sacrificed for is in danger of destruction, I think he carry out such an assignment. However, I just don’t think Adama could put that burden on him if he sees there is another option. I’m also increasingly coming to believe that while Adama surely loves both Kara and Lee, he may, in fact, have stronger ties to his son than they or I realized.

While I get Laura/Adama’s need to get rid of Cain and Cain’s belief that Adama must go, there are numerous problems with their plans. Cain’s is most troublesome to me because let’s look at what would happen. Assuming she eliminates Adama and CIC, Lee would next have to be taken out because you know he’d seek revenge. Kara would then want retribution for the killing of those closest to her. Following that we would be back to the beginning as Galactica and Pegasus crews fight and kill each other, thus providing the Cylons with a great opportunity to wipe them all out.

Speaking of Kara, I don’t believe she completely trusts Cain (given her “What choice do we have?” response to Lee), but I’m seeing a pattern of quick to believe what you want to believe. Or perhaps a desire to have faith in people who appear to have faith in you. She believed Adama when he made his promises to lead them to earth. Now we have Cain promising to go back to Caprica. Would Cain really go back there? Yes, I believe so. But it wouldn’t be to save the people still stranded there; it would be just another battlefield for her to fight Cylons.

Damn if they didn’t make me *really* like Baltar in this episode. It helped that he acted sane throughout. And he wants to let go of the fantasy world he’s created – it doesn’t interest him anymore. Color me impressed that he’d rather live in the harsh reality he finds himself in, trying to help a very broken Six, then escape into a dream world with a beautiful woman. And what of his reporting back to Cain with the information Pegasus Six provided about the resurrection ship? Baltar wants to save this Six, yet, by helping Cain, he’s providing her with a means of ending her existence as she wishes.

It also struck me that when this Six spoke of being killed so she may be “reborn” she has a very Fundamentalist approach to her beliefs. Has Six or any Cylon used that specific term before? Do they believe in a heaven? If they carry out god’s plan are they to be rewarded with some glorious after life?

I found myself liking Helo a lot this week which was a bit odd considering his limited screen time. As I was pondering why this was the case last night, it hit me; it was because he wasn’t with Sharon. Don’t get me wrong, I like Helo and Sharon together, it’s just that they always seem to be together. Helo is perhaps the only character we really haven’t seen on his own or interacting with the rest of the characters. Up to this episode, his storyline was completely tied to Sharon’s. We know he really loves her, that he’s very noble and loyal, but what do we really know about him as an individual? I liked hearing him talk with Tyrol and share how he feels. And I *loved* the scene with he, Tyrol, and Lee because I thought it was very cool to get to see the guys hang out together and catch up - even if it is in the brig. ;)

I’m glad Adama apologized to Sharon for the attack. He didn’t have to do it, but I think he needed to make the point that that behavior will not be tolerated on his ship. And while he definitely is seeing her as an individual rather than a machine or thing, he apparently isn’t quite willing to put her on the same level as humans. Sending her back to the place she was nearly raped was a bit cold.

Favorite quote had to be Kara’s “We’re all friendlies. So, let’s be friendly.” Though Lee’s faux innocent “I’m just a passenger back here.” to Stinger cracked me up too.

Generally, I do a separate post for the podcast, but it’s just not worth it. This is the first time I think RM has possibly lied as far as I know. He claims the reason for the ‘Resurrection Ship’ becoming two episodes was because it ran twenty minutes long, there were just too many cuts that would have had to have been made, and it would have severely hurt the story. That may be true, but he neglected to talk about how a later ep had production suspended because it was not turning out as anticipated and it was then that they decided to go back and expand RS to ensure a twenty episode season.

Most of what he discussed was how scenes got shuffled between the two eps, how scenes were expanded. or what was added in. The scene with Sharon, Adama, and Cottle was a late addition - she was not originally in the episode. The scene where Helo and Tyrol discuss Sharon is only half of the scene. The other half appears in Part 2 so if you notice they are in the exact same positions hours later, you’ll know why. ;) Six was actually in the scene where Pegasus Six was changing clothes. She was cut out in editing because her presence was deemed too distracting.

In early drafts of the script, the vipers did fire on each other at the beginning of the ep. It was decided that once these people had nearly killed each other, they would never be able to trust each other.

I was wondering why the CAG disappeared. Was he wallowing in humiliation somewhere getting drunk? We may never know. The actor simply was unavailable for additional filming. However, RM seemed to imply that they would like to bring him back.

And if you want to know why Cain is so EVIL, blame the network. Sci-Fi felt they needed something extremely dark to justify Adama killing her. Killing women and children made the network happy. Don’t you just love cable?

I’m not even a huge fan, but, damn, I was excited to see opening credits return.

Anyone think the Ori are responsible for the bird flu?

May I ask for more character development and less techno babble? Yeah, it won’t happen, but I asked.

Didn’t William B Davis use to be able to act? Of course, it’s hard to emote with flour on your face.

Ben and Michael actually have nice chemistry together. Daniel’s “They have a plan.” While Cameron does air quotes was quite humorous. I also was wondering in they were mocking themselves or BSG. ;)
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