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Brokeback Mountain

I saw Brokeback Mountain this afternoon and I cannot stop thinking about it. Given the accolades the film has already received by the critics, awards groups, the press, and fellow LJers you probably don't need me to tell you to go see it. It's just such an amazing, beautiful, and tragic love story. And it made me realize that character studies are a dying art in Hollywood. I've always said that what sucks me into a TV series are the characters and it's the same with film. If I don't care about the people, I don't care how well plotted, written, or acted something is. And my heart just ached for these two, especially Ennis, who I really wanted to reach up to the screen and shake some sense into.

Another lost art in Hollywood is the magic of silence. The silences between Ennis and Jack told you as much, if not more, about them than any words they spoke to each other. And I rarely ever cry at the movies, but even now, as I think about the ending, I am getting tears in my eyes. I had heard or read something about Ennis and a bloody shirt. I didn't pursue it any further since it seemed integral to the story and, spoiler whore that I am for TV, I didn't really want to know anything beyond the basic storyline for the film. So, I waited and waited, until, suddenly Ennis finds Jack's bloody denim shirt from their fight years before hidden at the back of Jack's closet. That alone did not get to me. It's when Ennis discovered his own shirt was underneath it, that Jack had kept them together all those years in the only way he could, that's when the tears came.

We then go back to Ennis' crappy trailer and empty life. I was happy he chose to forgo work in order to be there for his daughters wedding, but the sad reality is that all he has left now are these visits with his children. Not to mention, a lot of time to think about the fact, after talking with Jack's wife and visiting with his parents, that everyone either had their suspicions or knew what was going on. And that Jack had finally decided to move on and would return to Wyoming with another 'friend'. I can't blame Jack, he endured twenty years of all too brief and increasingly frustrating visits, but it hit me almost as hard as it hit Ennis.

After the film, lunch, and a late Xmas gift exchange, I headed over to my mother's to borrow her suitcase and tell her about the movie. She wants to see it, but I had already promised to go with my friend and she was willing to wait until I would presumably go see it again. While my mother isn't uncomfortable with homosexuality and has the same belief I do (you're born that way), she's not exactly keen on seeing Teh Sex on screen. So, I reassured her it was not gratuitous and, imho, not particularly graphic. (I've seen far more graphic sex between men and women on film.) This is where the discussion got interesting. She hated to sound stupid (her words), but she really didn't know how two men had sex. You can now take a moment to imagine me laughing here. I told her that there really weren't that many options and that there were only two orifices. Her response was "And they don't have the one". Which I had to respond with "Um, that's not the orifice I was talking about." Anyway, she finally just asked and I confirmed, yes, it's anal thus leading her to comment that that has to be painful and not very sanitary. All of which lead me to going off on some other details before she said "I can't believe we're having this conversation." The really weird part was I didn't really feel weird about the discussion. Heck, I almost brought up slash fic at one point...but stopped myself. ;)

Look I have icons! And I deleted some BSG ones to make room for them! :)
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