The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

I'm Really Falling Down on My 'House' Posting

I never did comment on the last ep and with doing travel prep tonight, I really didn't have time to absorb this ep. Well, it looks like we have repeats until February so I guess I shall have plenty of time to post when I get back. I will say this, while i thought tonight's ep wasn't one of the strongest, I really enjoyed seeing the various character interactions with the group dynamic being altered.

Hugh Laurie kissing is HOT! I'm not a huge fan of he and Stacy together, but I found myself cursing that phone call. For a moment I thought House was willing to let the patient die, but, nope he didn't fail to put work ahead of having a life.

Now, I'm off to bed at a decent hour, opting to get up early to finish packing. Not too early since my flight doesn't leave until one thank goodness.
Tags: house s2

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