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Day Three in Seattle

I'm actually lucky to be posting on Day 3 since brynnmck nearly killed me on my first night here. Luckily I was low to the ground at the time so the smoke didn't get to me. That was followed by having to wear my coat in the living room as the airing out of the house began. I've been assured though that she really is a good cook. At least I can attest to the fact that she's an excellent housekeeper because her home is gorgeous. She also has a wondeful husband who was willing to partake in fandom discussions and listening to our sqeeing over certain characters and actors.

So, following my near death experience and some sleep, on Day 2 I was able to meet up with Gail (no LJ, can you believe it?!) and danceswithwords at a local Barnes & Noble. We then met Bryn for lunch before she had to go back to work and the rest of us took off to explore a bit of downtown Seattle. Gail not only is even more sweet and delightful than she appears in her comments and e-mails, but she made an excellent tour guide. She also managed to get us talking about the Buffy fandom, something none of us have discussed since getting sucked into a little show called 'Battlestar Galactica'. We checked out Pike Place Market and I saw lots and lots of food I wanted to buy, but didn't think the people at Northwest would let me take on the plane. Once Gail's hubby rescued her from my and DSW's evil clutches, we ended up at a coffee house (not Starbuck's!) until meeting Bryn and sdwolfpup for dinner at Wild Ginger. It was an interesting experience. We were warned not to be afraid of our waiter, Shane. Frankly, by the end of the evening, I think he was more scared of us. He may have been flattered when we were talking about how cute he is - accept we were talking about Archie and Horatio. ;p The food was excellent though it took us a while to decipher the menu...which we then we proceeded to mock. What restaurant talks about the wok they used? Or how flavorful the food is? It's not like they're going to say "This is bland and medicore, please move on."

Tonight is Sci-Fi viewing and much more discussion/squeeing. To spare our non-spoiled friends, SDW and I IM'd up a bit earlier. It's ridiculous how much time we've all spent on line or lugging around our laptops when we're all in the same fricken city. We are sad, geeky, fangirls. Which may dash Mr Bryn's hopes for the night. ;)

In other news, the multi talented sdwolfpup posted my request for the IJVP - Archie and Horatio set to Bobby Darin's 'More'. I love it! And if you love them, check it out HERE.

And if anyone else is wondering why the 'Doctor Who' DVDs have been delayed it's because the Sci-Fi channel has finally decided that purchasing the rights to air the show is a good idea. It will join the Sci-Fi line up in March at 9:00pm. The DVD release has been bumped to summer.

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