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Podcast for Resurrection Ship Pt2

I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast for ‘Resurrection Ship Pt 2’ last night and was left wondering why I continue to torture myself? Then RM actually says something interesting or confirms a belief I had (there is sooooo going to be an ‘I KNEW IT!’ moment in this post) and I realize I put myself through this for scraps of knowledge. Not to mention, if danceswithwords is watching 8 seasons of ‘Stargate’ so don’t have to, the least I can do is listen to RM congratulate himself for 44 minutes each week. ;p

Once ‘Resurrection Ship’ was expanded to two episodes there was more emphasis placed on Lee’s storyline. I still have to believe this can never be a bad thing. ;)

The writers never considered destroying the Pegasus because that’s what the audience expected to happen. So, the show won’t go where the audience expects it to? I’ll just leave it at that.

The imagery of Lee floating in water was Michael Rymer’s idea. I think he’s the fangirls newest bestest friend. :)

There was a lot more fighting during the Helo/Tyrol scene with Tyrol getting in a good shot against one of their abusers, but the scene was edited to create more suspense. Because torturing the leads is fun!

Now here is where I went "I KNEW IT!" The Cain/Starbuck drinking scene was written and filmed after principle photography was completed. HA! It was felt that Cain and Starbuck ‘sparked’ and were developing an interesting relationship that they wished to explore further once the episode was expanded to two. They also wanted to attempt to show more of Cain’s humanity and get a handle on her philosophy. That’s all well and good, but it still flies in the face of some of what came before.

The Lee/Adama scene was also a late addition - a moment where he could question his father and his actions which are apathetical to what they both stand for.

In a scene that was cut, after Lee leaves Adama’s quarters he heads to the ready room where we see him drinking alone until Dee comes in. While they felt it helped to set up their burgeoning relationship (and would have helped to explain Dee lurking out his quarters later, imho) it was deemed too repetitive with what had come before.

The accident with the Blackbird was just that, an accidental collision with Raptor debris, and not an error on Lee’s part. Interestingly, the original intent was to have, as Lee floats through space, the dead crew of the Raptor floating by. He’s surrounded by them - images of death are all around. It was to inform his desire to want to kill himself/die. Ultimately, it became too difficult to film and edit, However, I have to say it would have helped *a lot* to explain Lee’s decision.

After reading an early version of the script in which Gina and Baltar kiss, Tricia left Ron a note stating that Gina, as a victim of gang rape and torture, would not be open to a lot of physical contact. (Gee, ya think?) As soon as she made that comment RM knew she was right and he feels that the small gesture of holding hands is much more powerful.

As many of us have already stated, the water Jamie was floating in was very cold, but he never complained. The scenes were to be much more complex. We were to see a woman on shore, representative of a past girlfriend, as well as Lee swimming, struggling to get to shore. He was also to see faces of other people in his life. Again, it all became too much.

Um, they don’t how Gina got off ship and RM’s response to that is, and I quote, "Who the fuck cares?" - all that matters is she got off ship by end of the episode. O.....K.....

Cain was originally killed in CIC. There was to be a shot of Baltar calling Adama from there as he is surrounded by the dead bodies of the CIC personal. It was decided that is was over the top.

Another sequence that was shot much later was Cain’s funeral. This, for me, again, makes sense in that the scene doesn’t make a lot of sense. Further complicating my view on this is RM’s belief that Kara was correct in coming to conclusion that they were safer with Cain. Huh?

Lee’s attempted suicide, death wish, whatever, will inform who is for the rest of the season and the places that it will send him. He had an epiphany in space and was then pulled back. They want to explore how it screws up the character and how he deals with it.

EJO kissing Mary was improvised by EJO on the set. RM describes it as affection between the two characters, a result of her giving him this last gift before she dies, but he didn’t seem to imply that there was anything romantic about it.
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