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They Always Get Me With The Sexy Wounds

I realized earlier this evening that I hadn't watched last weeks episode yet. After the too long hiatus it was probably to my benefit to watch the eps back to back.

I have to admit I was surprised that Sheriff Tom came clean to Marielle as to what had happened to her, his part in it, and essentially admiting that they were new and supposedly improved individuals. It seemed like an end of season moment, not a mid-season moment. But after watching tonight's episode, it's clear that the shows intent is to raise questions, answer them, and then move on to a new mystery. JJ Abrams, you watching this? ;)

I am interested as to why Marielle seems different than the rest. She was horrified by the mob beating and she's the only one who seems to want to hold onto who they once were. Did the hybridization (is that a word?) process not get completed with her? Did she retain more of her human DNA than the others? Or is it a more simple matter of who the person was before the transition? She was/is a doctor, someone who's goal it is to save lives, could that have something to do with her feelings?

And just when I think I have Tom figured out, we find out he's helping raise an army?! I have to say that the overall depiction of his character in tonight's ep was disappointing. Did anyone really believe he'd hurt those kids? I certainly didn't, so I felt like I was having my chain yanked the entire time to create a false sense of suspense.

OK, not that I'm desiring to see two people be unfaithful to their spouses, but, damn, Marielle and Russell certainly had some chemistry there. And Larkin is starting to get on my nerves a bit. She doesn't really seem to have a place in the narrative.

I think Tom was behind the attack on Russell, but I'm not sure he has anything to do with the phone calls. I still feel there may be several groups at play here and while Tom may be working to have his people blend into society, there are others who seek to gain more dominancel. The voice on the phone sounded like it could be the priest, but Ii won't swear to that. And where has the one armed deputy run off to? We can't have seen the last of him.

The sexy wounds I mentioned? Russell needs to get beat up more often. ;)
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