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They Always Get Me With The Sexy Wounds

I realized earlier this evening that I hadn't watched last weeks episode yet. After the too long hiatus it was probably to my benefit to watch the eps back to back.

I have to admit I was surprised that Sheriff Tom came clean to Marielle as to what had happened to her, his part in it, and essentially admiting that they were new and supposedly improved individuals. It seemed like an end of season moment, not a mid-season moment. But after watching tonight's episode, it's clear that the shows intent is to raise questions, answer them, and then move on to a new mystery. JJ Abrams, you watching this? ;)

I am interested as to why Marielle seems different than the rest. She was horrified by the mob beating and she's the only one who seems to want to hold onto who they once were. Did the hybridization (is that a word?) process not get completed with her? Did she retain more of her human DNA than the others? Or is it a more simple matter of who the person was before the transition? She was/is a doctor, someone who's goal it is to save lives, could that have something to do with her feelings?

And just when I think I have Tom figured out, we find out he's helping raise an army?! I have to say that the overall depiction of his character in tonight's ep was disappointing. Did anyone really believe he'd hurt those kids? I certainly didn't, so I felt like I was having my chain yanked the entire time to create a false sense of suspense.

OK, not that I'm desiring to see two people be unfaithful to their spouses, but, damn, Marielle and Russell certainly had some chemistry there. And Larkin is starting to get on my nerves a bit. She doesn't really seem to have a place in the narrative.

I think Tom was behind the attack on Russell, but I'm not sure he has anything to do with the phone calls. I still feel there may be several groups at play here and while Tom may be working to have his people blend into society, there are others who seek to gain more dominancel. The voice on the phone sounded like it could be the priest, but Ii won't swear to that. And where has the one armed deputy run off to? We can't have seen the last of him.

The sexy wounds I mentioned? Russell needs to get beat up more often. ;)
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I taped last night's episode although I knew what was coming and haven't had time to watch it yet. BTW, Eddie is going to be in town for the Super Bowl (minus any sexy wounds I assume). I'm all interested to find out what's in that padlocked room in Tom's house...
OK, I watched it while drying off and hmmm... my first impressions are that Tom may think he's going to be able to control the Others by having them be pseudo-deputies but IMO it looks like they aren't going to be inclined to listen to him. He's assuming an awful lot and that bunch looks like they'd turn on him in an instant. In fact, he should be a lot more worried about Mariel because the Others don't seem to like or trust her.
And I'm still interested in that room as well as where is our one armed friend.
I'm also a little worried about Larkin who may assume she can break this big story but saying anything is just going to get her in trouble with her Other boss (Veronica Cartwright). She's pregnant and should be a lot more careful about who she talks to about this just because she's upset with Russell being so close to Mariel.
The padlocked door thing was very odd. First off, who has a door padlocked like that right off their living room? Secondly, Marielle *never* asked about it??? it makes me wonder about what kind of marriage they had. Especially when she doesn't seem too upset about kissing her ex (who doesn't seem upset either).

I agree that Tom thinks he can control the situation, but will not be able to. There seems to be many different temperaments and mindsets within this group of hybrids and Tom's POV would seem to be a minority one.
I am interested as to why Marielle seems different than the rest.

My current theory is that they all take to their transitions differently. Remember crazy girl in lock up? And Lieutenant Armless? Each individual personality gets affected differently by the change, adapting to and being warped in was distinct to their specific attitudes... for Marielle, she was a doctor, and had a very specific attitude (whatever it may have been), and I think that's what caused her to change in less dramatic ways, or to fight the change.

Just my two cents.
It was either Russell or Dave mentioned the theory involving the aliens utilizing the hosts DNA. From there, I don't think it would be outrageous to assume that if physical elements of humans are being used that emotional and psychological aspects of a person are being incorporated into the hybrids as well. Marielle, a doctor before the change, still desires to help people and save lives. So, Tom being a sheriff wishing to maintain law and order and, thus far, not resorting to violence makes sense as well. I think we may be on to something. ;)
I think Tom is pretty adaptable; he knows for some reason Mariell is still devoted to her kids, and in order to manipulate her he won't harm them, but show her he can use them to get her to do things he wants her to do.

So far Mariell and the one-armed deputy are the most resistant to the change; one thing they have in common is a devotion to something other than themselves; for Mariell it's her vocation as a doctor and the vow to do no harm. For the deputy it's his devotion to God. Oddly, he seems more devoted than the minister.

Larkin is getting on my nerves a bit too. Dave has more of a place in the story than she does right now. But I don't want to see infidelity either, so I'm hoping things between her and Russell (who did look nice in his sexy wounds ;)) find a good resolution. And when is she going to start showing??
I think Tom is pretty adaptable; he knows for some reason Mariell is still devoted to her kids, and in order to manipulate her he won't harm them, but show her he can use them to get her to do things he wants her to do.

I think Tom is very manipulative and would use the kids if necessary to further his goals. However, he's never shown a tendancy to want to harm people. Even as a hybrid, he's the sheriff and intent on protecting the population so I never felt the kids were in actual danger.

And when is she going to start showing??

I think time moves slower here than it does on BSG. If I recall correctly, the entire season was to take place over the course of a month. Still, for a woman in her third month (?) I find the totally flat stomach hard to believe.
According to the promo for next week, we're going to get some of Tom's backsotry - what happened to him when the planed crashed, so maybe we'll find out why he acts as he does.