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Note to LJ: I really do appreciate all your hard work and I have benefited immensely from your service which you provide to me for a small fee. However, before you introduce crappy new gimmicks no one really wants, please make sure your basic services are functioning properly so it doesn't take me a half hour to post in my own journal. Thank you.

Thanks to drc1, I came to learn that Jane Espenson has a blog! Check out janeespenson to subscribe to the feed. Thus far, she's only talking about her work on 'Jake in Progress' and her recently scripted pilot involving showgirls, but I see the potential for lots of interesting behind the scenes stories.

I've also have been randomly checking out posts about 'Resurrection Ship Pt2' this week. And while the the ep garnered it's fair share of criticism (mostly founded, in my opinion), I realized there were very few posts that were purely negative or claiming the show's best days are behind it. Granted, I don't go to the boards because at the end of that path lies insanity and I still think BSG could go the way of the Buffy fandom, but it really isn't as bad as I thought it was.

OK, I have to share another Mom story. Fortunately, this one does not involve me having to explain how men would have sex with each other. :p Last Friday, she discovered who Jamie Bamber is. Now, you're probably thinking that odd since I talk about him/Lee Adama quite often. (Shut Up) And, yes, I've talked about BSG and 'Hornblower' with my mother and she's seen Jamie's image on my computer several times. So, it was surprising to me to hear she suddenly had an epiphany regarding him.

Being out of town last weekend, I asked my mother if she could record BSG for me on the off chance my VCR didn't work. She doesn't watch anything Friday nights so it wasn't a problem. She told me she popped the tape in and went to clean out her closet while the show was on. At about a quarter to 11 she sat down in front of the TV to stop recording as soon as the show was finished (she has an obsession about not wasting tape). She commented that she could tell just from what she saw that it was a well crafted show - good actors (she recognized EJO and Mary), good dialogue, and a polished look. As she watched she said she suddenly went "Oh, there's the cute guy." See, she firmly believes that every good/successful show has to have a cute guy so she was waiting for the cute guy to appear.

After the ep ended, she started to read the latest TV Guide and noticed as she was flipping through a shot of the same cute guy floating through space. She read the caption underneath and saw the name Jamie Bamber. At this point I get "So, he's the one you keep talking about?" followed by questions as to what else he's appeared in. She never watched the 'Hornblower' films because, like me, the subject matter didn't much interest her. When I began listing other British productions she got the clue that he's a Brit. I finally got to the 'Poirot' film he did and she stated, "I've seen them all. Which one was he in?" I barely get 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' out of my mouth before she goes "I know him!" and precedes to tell me *all* about his character and his role in the film and how he was apparently dead and reappeared at the end. I swear, he was in the film for all of ten minutes.

Mom: "He looked different in that."
Me: "Er, he's more buff now."
Mom: "That's not it." (O....K....)
Me: "He dyes his hair for the show. And he obviously drops the accent."

Strangely, I still can't convince her to watch BSG, but I have a suspicion I'll be getting a call the next time that 'Poirot' ep airs.

Speaking of the latest TV Guide, the rat bastards apparently put the Sci-Fi collectors cards in newstand editions only. Grrrrr. I really wasn't planning on being such a pathetic fangirl as to shell out $1.99 for a cheapy collectors card in a magazine. (Shut up again.) Then I discovered they didn't use a terrible picture of Jamie. So, since I had to go the store yesterday anyway because I was down to milk and water as my only sources of nourishment in my apartment, I figured I'd try a few copies to see if I could find a Lee Adama card. Turns out the first one I pulled had the card. It was fate so I *had* to buy it. May I also point out that they paired the Lee Adama card with the Laura Roslin card. I'm just sayin'. ;p
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