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Google Knows Me All Too Well

This weekend I downloaded Google's new (?) sidebar feature which provides one with up-to-date weather, news, e-mail (if you use gmail), movies (I added that), and a steady rotation of pretty pics (my icons :-) amongst other useful tools (To do list!) . Anyway there is a 'Web Clips' section which I hadn't paid much attention too assuming it was just recently visited sites. Accept tonight I realize I'm getting a steady stream of BSG related links off of a BSG feed I've never heard of. Yes, it's official, I am THAT obvious. :/

Yesterday, I had a bit of a freak out with the photo feature when in the rotation of pics I started seeing DS9 icons. I've never saved a DS9 icon. Turns out something was checked in options and it was pulling icons from LJ's I had visited.

In TV viewing this weekend I watched five episodes of American Gothic. I had forgotten how much I loved the show and am once again lamenting CBS pulling a FOX with it leading to it's untimely demise. It least, if I'm remembering correctly, it had a semi-resolution. My Gary Cole lust is also back. The guy knows how to do evil. And while I like Jake Weber on 'Medium' I still find his portrayal as Dr Matt here about as interesting as watching paint dry. It probably explains why he got the ax about half way through the series. I may or may not do a lengthier write up later, but I must recommend you Netlix this one people.

Last night I watched Part 1 of Bleak House. I loathe Charles Dickens. As far as I'm concened he was the soap writer of his time. And not a particularly enthralling one at that. However, I found myself enjoying this production much more than I expected to. Since I've basically washed my hands of 'Desperate Housewives' this seems like a good alternative.
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