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Um, yeah, I got nothing here

Anyone else been having problems with lately? At work it's been taking forever for pages to load (if they load at all) and, tonight, when I tried placing an order using a Borders gift card it took me 45 minutes. It kept telling me I couldn't use the gift card to order Amazon merchandise. Accept I ordered through the link. After deleting my entire order twice, the third time seemed to be the charm.

In addition to ordering a b-day gift for my mom, I ordered a Sarah McLachlan and Eastmountainsouth CD because of sdwolfpup's IJVP. I wonder if the recorde labels are aware of this kind of free advertising? ;)

wisteria_ mentioned on her LJ tonight that BSG is going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone....sort of. They have a blurb - 'Battlestar Galactica: The Toughest, Smartest Show on Television' - which would indicate a significant article. Kenya West as Jesus Christ is the cover photo. I'm not going to even comment on that one.

Scrubs 100th episode was brilliant. Highlight of the ep for me was Dr Cox dancing as the 'Payback is a Bitch' choir performed in the background. As much as I love J.D., he did have it coming. Ted pouring water over his head while performing 'Maniac' was a close second. And the 'Wizard of Oz' references far surpassed my expectations. I couldn't even have guessed how they worked Toto in. :)

Oh, and since I haven't mentioned the insanity of my workplace in awhile. I found out today that there is a firm mandate that we only use yellow post-its. Colors are deemed "unprofessional". I now have eight different colors sitting on my desk. :-)

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