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Just saw this at the TV Guide website:

THE CASTING COUP IS OUT THERE: Sex and the City has found just the guy to investigate the show's sextraterrestrials: David Duchovny. According to a report in today's New York Daily News, the former X-Files G-man has signed on for a guest stint on the HBO comedy. Might Duchovny be playing the much-buzzed-about new love interest for Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker)? Although exec producer Michael Patrick King recently confirmed to TV Guide Online that the pivotal role had in fact been cast, he declined to ID the actor. "But it's a big name," he said, adding that Jack Berger's successor will pose stiff competition for Mr. Big (Chris Noth) as the series heads towards its climax in early 2004. "Why would we bring in a major name if [Big] was already [the clear winner]?" I've got a better question: Considering Aidan and Steve are partners in a bar, how come Carrie didn't already know that her ex-love had become a daddy?

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