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Podcast for 'Epiphanies'

I figured I should get around to listening to the podcast for ‘Epiphanies’ before the next episode airs Friday. I managed to listen to it before leaving for work this morning – moving the laptop from room to room as I got ready. (Feel free to laugh.) And I’m so dedicated to listening so you don’t have to, I was late for work. Actually, I’m usually late for work because I’m not so much dedicated to that. ;)

Adar was seen as being ‘Clintonesque’ – the kind of man you just couldn’t say no to. The idea of an affair between Laura and Adar was something Mary brought up while filming the mini. The idea stuck in their heads and they opted to use it.

The flashbacks were to represent Laura’s last day of Caprica, unfortunately, after filming, they found a major continuity error. (Which I didn’t spot.) Baltar and Six were at Baltar’s house on the day of the attacks. Since there is no direct reference to it being the final day, Ron thinks we can fudge it a bit. In my opinion, since we’re dealing with dreams/memories here, I’m willing to accept that Laura may have confused the timeline in her head.

Since they hadn’t played with differing points of view throughout the fleet, they wanted to show a resistance that was forming. RM describes the "peaceniks" as a "radicalized movement" and he seems to get how extreme they come off. Still, I think it would have worked better by making it clear that a lot of the fleet (not just Adama and Co.) viewed them as extremists.

Laura’s decision to terminate Sharon’s pregnancy had rather simplistic reasoning – she could not leave the decision in the hands of Baltar. She makes the call while she still can and, while a tough decision, it’s in line with other decisions she’s made. It also helps to illustrate how she’s changed since we first met her. The weight of the decisions she has regularly had to make change a person and this is a next step along the road of chucking Cylons out airlocks.

Originally, Six was to vanish in front of our eyes (a first on the show) as Baltar embraced Gina in RS Pt 2 and was then to be missing for several episodes (which are originally where I thought they were going). But RM realized that Baltar is less interesting without her. Um, then doesn’t that say you need to work on him as a character if you believe that? He missed their interaction and because so much of his psychology is wrapped up in her, she was written back in.

It was felt making the civilians seeking peace as the villains would be interesting. The show also wants to represent all POV’s – not force one single one on the show.

I’ve seen many criticize Adama’s jailing/roughing up the peace movement’s spokesperson. RM really liked Adama’s aggressive attitude even making mention that he was no Picard coming to listen and talk things over. Way to criticize your old show there!

The reference to Lee’s ‘spacewalk’ was something added back into the ep because of the next ep and it’s focus on Lee and the consequences of his actions.

This episode is one of Ron’s faves in terms of structure because it juggles so many plotlines. Huh. One of my faves is ‘Bastille Day’ which, if I recall, he had problems with.

Originally, the letter Laura wrote to Baltar praised him and expressed Laura’s faith in him. (Which would have made noooo sense.) This prompts Baltar to save her life. Either David Eik or the network wrote a note saying the tone should be changed in order to have him taken down a peg *after* he saves her.

In a series of WTFrack? Moments (I debated even mentioning this since I know it will piss people off), it was envisioned that Gina would be working in a brothel on Cloud 9 to work out her anger. *And* that she and Baltar would have sex. Again, WTF? She was gang raped you moron! That thought was, gee, dropped (thank you Tricia) and he seems disappointed that it simply looks like she’s living in an upscale hotel now.

BTW, the brothel may show up later since he mentioned that prostitution is apparently legal in their society. I think this loosely relates to the original series.

Ron did manage to criticize himself over one aspect of the episode – Gina’s "Clark Kent disguise". He said you talk yourself into believing it will work, see the dailies, and then ask yourself ‘What the hell was I thinking?’

They purposely had no context to the affair between Laura and Adar leaving it open whether it was good, bad, etc.

It was contemplated to let Laura’s cancer progress to, possibly, the end of the series. But watching her health deteriorate, having surgeries and chemo treatments, would sideline the character. However, they didn’t want to simply wave a wand and make it go away. It’s felt that the solution they came up with is a natural coming together of several different plotlines. Having stem cells provide the cure was considered, but it was deemed to difficult to deal with technically and they just needed to get through that section. He feels (and I laugh) that it doesn’t really matter – that a large part of audience doesn’t really care about the technicalities (he *really* learned nothing from Trek). And like any cancer patient, even though she’s fine now, the cancer could come back.

If Laura is no longer dying is she still the leader? Yes, he actually has thought about that!

If you haven’t already done so, you must read janeespenson blog. It’s scary how much she sounds like us. Yesterday she posted about the UPN/WB merger and the freak outs that must be taking place all over Hollywood. But this bit in particular is why I adore her..."I’m going to have dinner tonight at a very industry-heavy hotspot. I’ll report back and let you know if there are any Ear-nfernos nearby. I’ll be very interested to overhear the other tables." She’s going to give us gossip!

And here are two PSA’s regarding potential spoilage. Do not read the ‘Entertainment Weekly’ blurb regarding this week’s Smallville episode. I think they make it pretty clear what the big moment will be. And new promo photos were released for BSG last night/this morning. This means new icons. So, if you are one of my very spoiler phobic friends, I’d suggest sticking to your own Flist for the next few weeks.
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