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I'm Sensing A Pattern

The revelation of the week happens at the half hour mark. Every episode I find myself distracted by other things during the first half of the show while they sometimes have the too slow build-up, and then, suddenly, someone says somethng that makes me stop what I'm doing and take notice. In this case it was Russell's realization that Tom, having been there longer than any other hybird (as far as they know) has perhaps become more acclimated and could very well be acting as a stabilizing influence on the others. That makes quite a bit of sense when you compare him to recent hybrids. The acception being Marielle. But she's also been living with Tom for nine years, so maybe that has something to do with it? (And, um, she's known Tom for nine years and how old is Rose?)

Anyone else think Tom's shooter could be the deputy AKA the one armed man? ;)

I was pretty sure that when Tom woke up in the hospital it was a flashback/memory to what happened after the plane crash. So, no plot twist, but I found it to be an interesting way to reveal some backstory to us.

It took me about thirty seconds before I realized....OMG! It's the Mayor! The Mayor and Angel! Together again! EEEEEEE!!!
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