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What I've Learned This Morning

* Deep Discount DVD is having a 'Best of A&E' 50% off sale. Some of the titles that folks may find of interest - Horatio Hornblower, Jeeves & Wooster, Dr Quinn, Homicide, Kids in the Hall, Pride & Prejudice, and The Prisoner. Lots more, of course.

* It seems that the podcasts are available Thursday nights now, at least at iTunes. I still downloaded this morning from the Sci-Fi site and, with dial-up, that meant I was late for work again because of the podcasts. (Yes, I'm now going to blame Ron Moore for my continued tardiness. :p) I haven't listened to it yet because I'm still old fashioned enough to want to see the ep before getting pissed off. ;) Though I did come across one of the comments that Ron makes in a non-spoilery post which leads me to believe this podcast could be highly entertaining.

* I had a 'Oh, wait a minute...' thought about 'Epiphanies' this morning. But I'll need to see tonight's ep before I know if I put two and two toghether or if I'm more clever than Ron. It could be the latter.

* I think it would be easier to organize troop movements in Iraq than to make plans with my mother.

* I don't have to get reckleslinguist a birthday gift now. ;p
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