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Need Tech Help

OK, I don't know what the heck I did, but I cannot compose an e-mail. I can type in the recipients name and the subject, but as soon as I type the first letter in the entry box I get sent to a blank page. At first I thought it was my primary e-mail account being wonky, but I tried a secondary one and it's doing the same thing. And obviously I can type here with no problem, so I am at a complete loss. Any suggestions?

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Is this using an email program like Outlook or web based?

Many times I have people go into their control Panels, Accessibility options. Make sure nothing is checked. Then for each of the three items go into options and deactive keyboard short cut. then Apply and reboot.

If that does not work you can call me.
Nothing under options was checked. I ended up using the providers 'Help' section and it actually did! Sort of. I switched to plain text and I can compose messages again. Phew. Now I'm wondering if something in Firefox triggered it. I'll work on it when I have some free time. As long as I'm able to send/respond again, that's the important thing. Thanks.
NumLock sometimes does wonky things.. or if one of your 'control' keys (you're on a mac, right? control keys meaning "option" or "apple") get stuck, every time you type, it's actually sending a command. Clean your keyboard, check your num lock... those are my only suggestions.

Good luck!
I'm not on a Mac and I think I ended up pressing every key or key combination I could think of. I'll need to investigate further, but I've at least fixed it so I can send plain text e-mails.
Well, in that case, control keys meaning 'ctrl, option and shift'...sometimes it's as easy as a stuck key.

Also, I'd recommend updating your virus definitions. You can never be too careful. :)