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Miscellaneous Sunday Ramblings

I haven't listened to the podcast yet. Not out of fear of me becoming all ranty, but because I've been absorbed in reading people's posts on 'Black Market'. Some of the recaps have been negative, but at least there is valid reasoning behind them. And I've seen a lot of open, rational debate. Fandom can be sane if it wants to be. ;)

I saw Brokeback Mountain with Mom yesterday. It was a surprisingly painless experience. After the first sex scene, she turned to me and asked if that's what people were getting upset about. I said there was a bit more to come, but, basically, yes. After the film, she commented how ridiculous it was for people to get worked up about that because you couldn't even see anything. Apparently, I didn't have to waste my time reassuring her about the sexual content of the film.

Today I went to see Tha Matador. I went in with no expectations and was very entertained. There were some WTF? moments plot wise, but Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear (two faves of mine) had terrific chemistry together. So much so that I started getting slashy thoughts (though, in my defense, there was some context for it). When did I turn into one of those people? Oh, yeah, 'Hornblower'. :p

Perhaps I'm the only one who is interested in this story, but for those of you, like me, who watch ABC News regularly Bob Woodruff and his cameraman were seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq today. So far, all that has been reported is they both suffered head injuries (they were wearing their protective gear fortunately), are out of surgery, and may be transported to Germany as early as this evening. I was just getting over Peter Jennings being gone. I don't deal well with change.

In happier news, today is raislak's birthday. Happy Birthday! Hope you didn't get drenched by the rain today and got lots of cool gifts from the family. :)
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Bob Woodward's family still lives in the Birmingham/Bloomfield area and they were holding prayer services for him at Christ Church Cranbrook today.
What a terrible shame to finally get the big assignment and boom! His family and the camerman's family are in our thoughts.
Re the ABC news anchor: It's not *the* Bob Woodward, isn't it. The name I've been seeing everywhere, including TV (CNN) was Woodruff. Still, I hope the two recover soon, or at least get well enough to be flown out.

Ironically, I read just the other day how proud ABC News was to have this new system with two anchormen, one at home, and the other on the road. Good for the ratings, apparently. *sigh*
It is Bob Woodruff. I was posting in a hurry earlier and didn't bother to proof read. :/

I've been enjoying the two anchor system and thinking highly of Bob and Liz I was happy to see them both get the job. I hope his injuries aren't so sever it will prevent him from returning to work.
I have this box with entertainment news in my Yahoo! email account, and that's how I came across his name in the first place (and later learned about him and his camera man being injured). I was confused at first, too, and was wondering why Bob Woodward would take on such a job.:-) (he is one of the few US journalists who are quite well known over here, too)

Woodruff seems to be in Germany now, hopefully he gets well soon.
So, I watched Brokeback Mountain for the second time the other night and I fell a little deeper in love with it. Without waiting for the other shoe to drop as I did the first time, I was able to just let the story wash over me. And cry? Oh yes. Even more this time. It's just such a beautiful story.

I want to see The Matador too, but it's just not here. Darn this town.
It is Bob Woodruff, but he's the anchor you're thinking of (not the Washington Post reporter of former Watergate fame and later Plame disgrace). I was very sad to hear about this too.
Ack! I knew that. Stupid me for posting in a hurry. Thanks for the catch. I just edited my post.
Thanks for the thoughts. I didn't get out much today and had some good quality time with family. Got three new shirts that hopefully won't show up on TLC Fridays at 9:00, but I like them a lot.

Will post more later. (as my email is on the fritz)