The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Sci-Fi Friday Miracles

First YAY! - I'm here! I had no internet access last night (The Horror!) and was paniced I'd miss BSG discussion this evening. Phew. Now, after yet another close call and getting darned tired of not being able to download, I think I may bite the bullet and upgrade to DSL. I took a look at cable internet, but my best option (I say sarcastically) are the blood sucking leeches at Comcast and I really don't want to give them any more of my money. Plus all the taxes, fees, and lease charges they put in the fine print add up fast.

Second YAY!, the podcast for 'Scar' is up and Ron has company. :) Sadly, still no imput from the actors, but he's letting the people who actually wrote tonight's ep speak. Maybe this one will be fun and informative.

Third YAY!, Capote reopened here. It played at a theatre on the other side of town when it was first released, but now it's at the theatre five minutes from me. Great timing because it's mom's birthday this weekend and she wants to see it. And I got her actual gifts. She hates getting gifts for her birthday because it reminds her it's her birthday. Yes, I like to torture people in case you couldn't tell.

Fourth and final YAY!, inlovewithnight is writing an AU fic entitled 'Racket Boys' in which Horatio and Archie are 1920's (?) gangster hit men. It's like crack I tell ya. And luckily she's been supplying a chapter a day. :)

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