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BSG Ep 15: Scar

I have to say that ‘Scar’ was better conceived and executed than the last two episodes. However, the show is still plagued by a troublesome lack of set up. ‘Previously On’s’ should not be utilized to inform the audience of key points that were, in fact, not shown previously. It would have been nice to have actually seen Kara make her case for going back to Caprica to Adama and Laura and know that leaving Anders and others behind has been playing on her mind. We’re being left to fill in too many blanks in what are very significant developing plot lines.

The reality is the show doesn’t need to add dead (Lee’s girlfriend on Caprica) or possibly dead (Anders) significant others into the mix to explain their characters mindsets and motivations. That Kara is drinking to excess and often now doesn’t shock me. Putting aside the obvious – the world ended and as viper pilots their chances for long life and a happy future are slim – Kara’s been confronted with hefty burdens in recent months. Adama asked her to murder Cain, a woman she grew to respect. She had command given to her briefly, only to have it taken away. She has at least one challenger to her position of top gun. One of her closest friends confessed he has a death wish. Another friend turned out to be a Cylon and she doesn’t know how to view her anymore. This is all enough to explain Kara’s actions, we didn’t need ‘pining for some guy she barely knew’ thrown into the mix. Actually, I find it rather insulting to the character. (As was Kara falling down drunk. They weren’t laughing *with* her, they were laughing at her.)

Kat confronting Kara on her crap didn’t bother me as much as it did others. Yes, she was annoying and abrasive at times, but she also made some valid points. Just because she was a “stim junkie” doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to point out the obvious - “One Tigh on the ship’s enough.” And none of the people closest to Kara are pointing out the fact that she’s turning into a drunk. (Interestingly, in the group scenes where Kara’s behavior is of note, Lee, Helo, and Adama are relegated to the background acting as observers rather than participants in her life.) She needs a wake up call. But so does Kat. She’s using bravado to mask her fear. Kat, as many do, fears being forgotten - a picture on a wall. Yet, minus the drinking, she wants to be Kara, the hot shot, reckless, but brilliant pilot that no one can forget.

By the way, while, once again, I would have liked being shown how Kat has grown into the exceptional pilot she is I have no trouble accepting it. The fact is most of the recruits we’ve seen might as well have been wearing red shirts. The fact that Kat and Hot Dog are still around proves they have some serious skills.

Since you read this, you can tell my head didn’t explode during the Lee/Kara scene. :p I have to admit, I had some concerns, but it was do in large part to spoilers that basically said they had sex, it was rough and emotionally ugly, and things did not end well between them. It bothered me to think that the relationship they’ve struggled to try and put right might be ruined by a night of drunken passion. So when I saw how it ultimately came out on screen, I was pleased.

The scene told me a lot about both characters. To begin with, Kara seems to have a real problem with thinking about other guys during sex. ;) The scene also reinforced for me something I have always believed about Lee. He’s not a casual sex, love em’ and leave em’ type of guy. If in ‘Black Market’ he was just looking to get laid, why stick to one prostitute and get emotionally involved? Lee Adama is in a quagmire, trying to shut his emotions off, yet all the while desiring to be emotionally connected to someone. I’m not saying he wasn’t looking for a physical release as Kara was, but he seemed put off by her wanting it fast and rough. He was heading for the bunk, while she went for the table and went so far as to ask her to slow down.

Lee also seems to have done a little bit of growing up compared to their last heated run-ins. He doesn’t get angry and pissy immediately. He tries talking to her avoiding their usual “frak or fight” approach to things. Most importantly he asks “What about us?” He knows there is *something* there and he’s tired of avoiding the issue. Kara, on the other hand, is too wrapped up in her own problems and Anders longing to want to deal with it. (And I really have to wonder if/when Kara sees Anders again she’ll come to discover this ‘love’ for him has all been built up in her mind. That the real reason she’s obsessing is because she made a promise to come back and she’ll feel like a failure if she doesn’t.)

Lee’s “Your fine with the dead guys. It’s the living ones you can’t deal with.” pissed me off far less than I thought it would. The guy is obviously hurt – being led to believe there may be something more between them only to discover he was being used as a substitute – and, as he often does, he lashes out. However, he has a point. It’s easier for Kara to obsess over the dead guys in her life, because she no longer has to deal with them and the complications they present - the messy situations and emotions that come with them. Lee is there and willing to talk and she chooses to run off to get drunk instead. But not before a goodbye kiss. Kara there is *something* there.

Btw, nice to see they secured the door. I was wondering if anyone was going to get a free show. ;) If I have one complaint about the scene it’s that I get the sense that things were said that we didn’t get to hear. Again, the editing seemed a little off. And I have to say that in a round about way this confrontation may help Lee and Dee make sense to me. If nothing else, Dee’s stability and willingness to listen and talk would be a major attraction for Lee right about now.

Things that made me go ‘What the Frak?’

94 hours ago. OK, enough already. I think we’ve all had it with the jumping back and forth in time. Linear storytelling works Ron, trust me.

Kara’s pilots briefing in which she explains what has been going on for the last four weeks. So, the pilots need to be reminded everyday what they are doing there? Did they not notice the fleet and Pegasus were missing? I know this was a means to fill in the audience as to what has been going in, but it was badly handled.

Tigh getting huffy with Laura because the mining operation is taking too long and they’re losing pilots. Granted, they are losing resources (vipers and pilots) trying to obtain material to make now vipers, but what happens down the road when they are involved in some huge battle and half their ships are wiped out? Also, this footage was not edited together well with the scenes involving Kara. Did Kara finish the pilot’s briefing, run to her quarters to change, and then dash to Sharon’s cell all within a 60 second time span?

Things that pleased me immensely:

The show is addressing the topic of dwindling resources. They are mining ore and using it to construct new ships. New viper pilots are being trained. And this is all happening aboard Pegasus meaning the ship is serving an important function. I also accept that all this is happening aboard Pegasus since it is the more technically advanced ship.

Vipers transmit footage of their engagements back to Galactica. I hadn’t thought about that before, but it would be a huge advantage in studying the enemy and plotting strategy.

Raiders, like their human cylon counterparts, can be reincarnated. At first I thought “Oh, puh-leeze”, but it makes sense. It does provide them with a huge advantage to have a fighting force that doesn’t lose their experience, knowledge, or skill sets. And death becomes a learning experience. Would you want to face an enemy that knows how it feels to die a dozen times at your hands? Scary. And I have to believe that Scar was the raider whose brain Kara ripped out. It seemed an immensely personal mission for Scar. After all, why did it target the pilots rather than the refinery?

Things I found interesting:

Lee is the one and only CAG. Kat’s mention of the CAG’s order to fly in groups of two finally clarified that point.

I adored that scene of Lee alone in the pilot briefing room. It spoke volumes about him. It reinforced in me that, at this time at least, he makes a better CAG than Kara. Compare his reaction to BeBe’s (sp?) fate being sealed to Kara’s reaction to hearing the pilots die in ‘Hand of God’. It’s painful for him to listen, but he knows he can do nothing and conveys a resigned acceptance of the situation. (Side note: I know I’m not the only one to take notice that Lee wasn’t in a viper at all here and seemed to be taking on a more bureaucratic role as CAG. I still feel Lee is being set up for diplomatic office somewhere down the road.)

I’ve felt up until now that Kara and Lee were best friends. However, there is a very strong bond being shown between Kara and Helo. It makes sense since there were two years when Lee and Kara didn’t see each other and, being stationed together on Galactica, Helo and Kara could have become very close. It’s an interesting dynamic that I’d like to see explored more.

The shot of Helo and Lee sitting side by side? That’s what I want to see an icon of. ;)
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  • TV Catch Up (Mostly White Collar)

    Good News: For the first time in weeks I'm not buried in work and am healthy! Bad News: Life has been very weird and drama filled where I live…

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    I seem to be having limited success in posting more often. At least this time I have legitimate excuses! Two hellish weeks at work. Then, this past…

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