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Podcast for 'Scar'

OK, the guest commentators, David Wedell and Bradley Thompson, didn’t exactly add a lot of excitement to the podcast, but I didn’t have the urge to say “Shut up Ron“as I usually do. ;)

Ron felt ‘Scar’ was one of the standout episodes of the second season. I can’t say I agree with that statement, but the boys seemed pretty geeked talking about the dogfight and viper construction so I it probably colored their enthusiasm.

For awhile they have wanted to do an episode showcasing the world of the fighter pilot. But it was David Eik’s idea to incorporate Kat vs Kara and having a new top gun.

The idea of Scar or, more precisely, having a single battle in space was Ron’s idea.

There was a scene cut in which the possessions of dead pilots were auctioned off. Apparently, this is a tradition dating back to the Napoleonic era. Part of it has to do with keeping the memory of the dead alive by carrying pieces of them forward, but there also is a practical reason in that the items are things that the others would want and need. The mood of the scene turned out all wrong. It came off less like a wake and too much like a party. They wanted us to feel they were overcompensating for their losses and hiding their grief, but that didn’t come through that way. I’m guessing the image of Lee holding up a skin magazine while the others hooted and hollered didn’t help. :/

Kara’s “crash landing” (sliding across the table) is apparently something drunk astronauts do.

There were additional scenes in the CIC that were cut for length.

They really liked Duck (the red headed viper pilot). I’d expect to see more of him.

In an earlier ep, there was a line about Helo and Kara going back a long ways which became the impetuous for exploring the friendship between the two. We see Kara reveal herself in an intimate way with Helo rather than Lee – there is this other person who is more of a friend.

Part of Kat’s hostility towards Kara (and vice versa) is due to an underlying anger of people dying and they can’t stop it.

There was a discussion of the gender roles being reversed on the show. It’s the male viper pilots that we see falling apart. And Lee, rather than Kara, is the softer one in this episode – the one whose feelings are more in jeopardy.

They did several takes conveying different moods in the scene between Kara and Lee in the pilots lounge. They opted for the lighter version (the spitting was ad-libbed by Katee). Starting here there was a lot of praise of Jamie. Even though his screen time was limited in this episode, they felt he was spot on in every scene with his actions being true and honest.

The writers have discussed hooking up Lee and Kara since the mini. Ron has always wanted it to happen for all the wrong reasons. In an early draft for ‘Act of Contrition’ they were to have slept together and then tried to deal with it. Actually, they planned on pissing off the audience by having us come in after the fact. They also mention that Lee was looking for something more here in his near tryst with Kara.

More praise of Jamie and his ability to have Lee cut Kat off with a look. There were several takes with Jamie delivering a line of dialogue to shut her down, but they realized they didn’t need it.

The shot of Kat pinning the picture on wall was originally at the end of the episode (hence the sudden appearance of her dress blues). Also at the end of the episode there was to be a shot of Kara praying.

I was a bit confused at their interpretation of the celebration scene and Kara listing the dead pilots. They discuss Kara faltering in recalling the names and Lee stepping in to save her and it being one of the most heroic moments he has in the series. Accept, other than Lee standing up and stepping towards her in support, he really doesn’t do much.

The final shot of Kara and Helo is, in reality, Katee and Tehmoh goofing around on the set. The director had called cut, but with the digital media they use they continue filming. They liked what they saw in editing and kept it in. :)
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